Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tag, you're IT!!!

Usually, I see these sort of tagging-to-know-you games in facebook. I did not expect that the fever will reach the blogosphere as I read this post of Jenny. I actually want to be tagged in such games because it's sort of fun but then I found one of the answers(?) in the game to be silly so I decided that it would better be that no blogger would remember me. haha.

Unfortunately, Joross tagged me in this game with his own post and I have no other choice but pass it because it is said that seven days from will become a week. lol. It's a joke! Come on, go laugh.

Okay, okay, here's the game:


1. Do you think you're hot?
- I am smokin', smokin' like ice! haha. Nah, I just prefer myself "cool". haha

2. Upload a picture of the wallpaper you're using at the moment :

"Isn't it cute?" my sister used to tell me. [credits to source]
That one is not really the ACTUAL screenshot from the laptop. I just got if from the internet because I suck and can't locate where this one is. The laptop I am currently using is not mine but my older sister's so I have nothing to do but deal with the wallpaper. It's just one of the themes in this computer that she found cute. I don't think it's from a cartoon or anime or whatever.

3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
- Lunch time! My mom cooked it! It just usually happens when my dad sends us some money.

4. The songs you listened to recently:
- GLEE songs covers of:
*Anyway You Want It/Touchin' Lovin' Squeezin'
I had these songs in the laptop and I've been listening to the Glee songs. It was just in time that while was reading Joross' post and been typing this game I was listening to it. The second is one of my favorite mashups in the show.

5. What where you thinking as you were doing this?
- Geez, this is cool and crazy at the same time.

6. Do you have nicknames? What are they?
- Oh good Lord! My complete name is WELLIBERNEIL KRISTIAN GUBAT. 
Most of my friends call me Kristian, Tian, Tyan, or Chan. While some of them call me "Seanz", most of my friends (especially those I knew from Science High) call me "Gubat" (my surname) or "Forest" (the English translation of my name). Some called me Yan-yan, Willy, Neil, and Kris. Most of my relatives and neighbors call me (oh God this is embarrassing) Honey. My sister's sort-of-like-that name is Darling.

Because of my long name -- thanks to my father -- I have many and some people seem to love "murdering" my name by pronouncing it wrong. Anyway,  you may call me what you want but you have to tell me what you'd call me because I might not look back. haha

And now, I'm gonna just tag 8 bloggers, sorry. :)
1.     Roj of Isip-Bata and Ako ay Naiiba
2.  Jubert of Chillspot
3.     Denase of DENASELOGY
4.     Florlin of Florlin's Corner
5.     Kamila of Kamilkshake Cafe and Road to Kill
6.     Ruth of Ruthie's Blog
7.     Jaid of Superjaid
8.     Banjo of ISTAMBAY

Who's listed in #1?
- Roj or Rogean. She is the one who inspired me to write more in my blog. She is also the first person to comment on my blog and is also my first follower. My blog is supposed to be private and just meant for myself. But, when she made some comments, I then decided that I can have some friends in the blogosphere too.

Who's #2?
- Jubert of Chillspot. He's a cool college guy in the blogosphere who writes about his personal life, his opinions and his crushes/the-"loves"-of-his-life. When I read his post about dirrrrrrrty secrets, I thought to myself "This guy's kewl! We should know more about him...and errr...his secrets. haha."

How about #3?
- Denase of Denaselogy. Ranting never felt good until I met this guy. haha. He's command to the English language is so great that at first I really thought he's not a Filipino.With Denase's blog, sometimes I felt like I have to sharpen my English skills because I don't want having epistaxis again. (Google the term!)

How did you know #4?
- Florlin and her corner. It really feels good when you have a blogger friend who is in the same school and lives in the same town as you. She's still in the high school but she really is good at writing. She's got a potential. I just hope she would not bust my secret which I accidentally revealed in her blog. haha

Who's #5?
- Kamila. este Kapitana. haha. She's one of the friendliest bloggers I knew. She is absolutely and nonstop blabber. She is also one of the very diligent bloggers I knew because she always replies back.

How about this #6?
- Ruthie. We study in the same university but I did not really know her. I just knew her name, and soon her blog. We soon became classmates in HIST 41 last summer and now in SOCIO 63. I just advertised your blog Ruthie, don't be mad. I will not tell it to your Mystery Guy. haha

Who's this #7?
- Jaid and her alter ego, the superhero. lels. I think she's the same age as mine and that's perhaps one of the reasons why I find her posts cute and why it is often easy for me to relate on her blog.

Who's #8?
- Banjo, the bystander. A promising writer and fluent in Tagalog. If you do understand Tagalog, you really should his blog because his fiction stories are so AWESOME and I swear that by the River of Styx. With Denase, I get epistaxis but this guy gives me balunguyngoy. Every time I read a story from his blog, I soon become a Tagalog-speaking dude. If I make a post here in blogger, I would then be writing in Tagalog and even in facebook, I would make Tagalog comments. It's just sad that I haven't quite kept in touch with him since his last post was last summer and I have been quite busy at that time.

The one who tagged me:
Joross. I did not really expect him to tag me much less for him to remember me. We met when I was in my fourth year high school. Three students were chosen from three districts in our province to attend a journalism workshop in Cebu. The last time we met then was during the Press Conference (the competition). After that, nothing. Just some weeks/months ago, I saw his name in one of the blogs here. I knew it was him. I thought he didn't know it was me. It's fun to meet your old friends again.

To the people who are tagged:
You don't have to tag me back or make a post about this. I just wanted to make a post to my fellow bloggers who spiced up my life here in blogosphere and how happy i am to meet them.

So will I die now or tomorrow because I'm making this speech? I don't know. Well, I hope this is not a goodbye message. :)

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poot said...

Hahaha! Thanks for tagging me. I really appreciate it. But sorry, I can't do it now. I'm kinda busy, kkkinda busy. Hahaha. Malapit na board exam so subsob muna sa review. Lol. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

hahaha kawawa yung natag... daming work gagawin.. hahaha

Xtian said...

@poot:Hindi ako payag! haha. Hindi, joke lungs. Okey lang naman. Sabi ko naman diba sa alst aprt ng psot na 'to na okey lang. Isa lang tong pampagulo. haha

@KikomaxXx:haha. Nasa kanila na yon. Yung dalawang ganito nga nabasa ko, 4 lang yong tagged people nila. haha

Florlin said...

Thanks for the tag and all! (BUKAD ATAY ALERT!! XD) anyways, tagging me will be useless because you're the only one I know who I can tag (I doubt I can tag my English III teacher. That would be so weird!).

hohohoh Don't worry, I will not kalat your secret. Unless... pigs fly and monkeys shoot out from my nostrils. I seriously doubt that any of the two will happen, so yeah~

Xtian said...

@Florlin:haha. absolutely! weird jud if apilon nimu imu teacher. haha

haha. ahw gud that we had a deal. :DD

Ryan Adik Nga Lambay said...

E.follow akong blog bai. E.add pud ko sa imong blogroll. Taga negros pud ko. haha. Nice knowing naay taga negros diri.

Xtian said...

@Ryan Adik Nga Lambay: salamat bai. gi-follow na nako imung blog. Yehey! mudaghan ra unya tang mga taga-negros diri. haha

iya_khin said...

so ikaw din pala ay nabiktima! wahahaha! ano ba yan?!!

Xtian said...

@iya_khin:tamah! at dapat daw natin itong gagawin para tayo ay swertehin. lels.

DENASE said...

You are diligent enough to include me. Thank you.

good day folk.

Xtian said...

@DENASE:And so will you if you'd make pass the chain. haha

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