Thursday, June 2, 2011

My so FAIL Ambigrams!!

Naks! Uma-art!

Anyways, I had this hobby of mine when I'm bored. The ones below are called ambigrams. According to the ever-powerful Wikipedia:
An ambigram is a typographical design or art form that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. The words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words. Douglas R. Hofstadter describes an ambigram as a "calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the selfsame set of curves." Different ambigram artists (sometimes called ambigramists) may create completely different ambigrams from the same word or words, differing in both style and form.
There are many types of ambigrams but I won't be posting about them now. Maybe in some time, I will if I wil already be able to make one for evey type, nyaha. Like I said, there are many types and I have only made a few of it. So here are the ones I made in the past years.

"Kristian" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:

The one above is my name, the second name of my first name. Sounds confusing right? It's a 180° Rotational Ambigram. It still reads "Kristian" when rotated 180 degrees.

"Welliberneil" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:

That's because I've got two names in the first name, the one above is the first but I often use "Kristian." that way, the "murder" of my name can be avoided. lol

"Fundador" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:
That's my middle name, my mom's maiden name. They say that it means "Founder" in Spanish. Some of my friends used to joke that we own the brandy of the same name.

"Gubat" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:
That one's my real surname (So now you get my complete name! haha). In Tagalog, it means "forest" or "jungle" whereas in Bisaya it could also mean "war." Most of my high school folks call me by that name, too.

"Cañao/The End" - Symbiotogram Ambigram
Just a little background:
That's a symbiotogram, still a 180 degree rotational ambigrams, only that it reads a different word when rotated in 180 degrees. I made that one when I was in high school (that was vacation time, I think) for my older sister. She asked me for wild ideas about her Literature project and at that time, I was kind of in the middle of surfing the net. I just showed her this, the first known ambigram. I told her that it would be great if there is like an ambigram at the end of the story. I did not really promised to her but I made one anyway.

"Cañao" was the title of her story, which in some dialect it means "wedding dance" (i think). The orientation where the word "Cañao" can be read, is the one that is shown at the end of the story. It's actually sort of a riddle (which I made, too!!nyaha!) that when the word "Cañao" would be rotated 180 degrees or reversed it would read "The End" (thus came the ending). The contrary that would hale  is "The End", it's contrary because "Cañao" is the title.

"Kristian/Enigma" - Bilateral ambigram
Just a little background:
I once used that as a header in this blog. I soon got the feeling that I don't like it and it really needs to be improved. It is supposed to read as "enigma" when shown to the mirror. That's how bilateral ambigrams work, the word(s) read the same/different when shown to the mirror or flipped horizontally.

In case, you don't get it or you are not able to see the other word in the mirror I managed to put the other pic here because a) you don't have a mirror; b) you are blind; c) the one who made this ambigram is just stupid.

"Decalogue" -  180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:
I made that one for my Religion class. We are to make a Ten Commandments bookmark. I actually made two bookmarks for that assignment because I just feel like it. The one just have the Ten Commandments inscribed back-to-back while the other have the Commandments in the front and that ambigram at the back. I soon found out that we are to swap bookmarks with a classmate. I did not give this, haha because I wanted to have a copy.

"Decalogue" also means Ten Commandments.

"Merry Christmas" - Totem Ambigram
Just a little background:
Made last Christmas break. It's a Totem ambigram just like this one. Totem ambigrams are also bilateral and mirror ambigrams but the letters...sorry I don't know how to explain. haha. The link I showed you is shaped like a mouse whil the one I made is supposed to be like a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, it seemed not like it. haha

Whatever. Anyways, if you liked or you just want to flatter me or you pity me, you can ask me to make an ambigram for you. Just comment below or better yet email me at Thanks.

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