Monday, June 6, 2011

DBSS Entry Part 2 - "Blue Day"

Just a little background:
This is part 2 or should I say the other entry I submitted to DBSS 2011. For more info about this and because it's kind of tiring trying to type the same words again, click this.

"Blue Day"

One morning, a nightmare awakened you
With your body still tired and your eyes, too.
You felt that you have to rise from your sleep
Though the clock you had set made no beep.

And then you saw the clock and it’s broken
But still you know it’s near to seven.
So, you sought for the wall clock and saw it
It’s 6:50, just ten minutes to beat!

You believe you’ll have test on that day
And you know it’s hard with your teacher’s way.
You know that you really have to take it
For if not, the cut-off you may not hit.

So, hurriedly you went to the shower
And then brushed your teeth, trying to get faster.
Then you remembered: “Breakfast’s important!”
But you have to be there in an instant!

Of course, you decided to miss your meal
Instead of missing your exam’s ordeal
Hastily you ran to reach the highway,
Hailed a cab to help you get to your way.

While on the ride, you studied all your notes –
All the formulae and important quotes
And you have to put them all in mem’ry
And understand within minutes of three!

You were so preoccupied that you forgot
To stop the cab at designated spot.
Because of that, you have to take a walk
But no! You should run and avoid those balks.

Then you’re few strides away from your classroom
And at last, you reached your destination.
You thought in an instant that you’re in doom
When you saw that no one’s inside the room.

You sensed that the exam’s already done
And that the teacher has left and has gone.
“How careless had I been!” so you had thought.
“And all that running is all but just naught!”

You sat down on the floor and realized
The absence of people – such a surprise!
Suddenly, your phone received a message.
You sighed for it’s just another adage.

However, at the end of the saying
There is a line that made you go crying
“Happy Sunday to all of you!” it said.
“Don’t forget to go to church,” it added.



It is never too late to realize that you still have time for others and for Him. At least, give Him a spare of your time.

If you had a good laugh then thank you. If not, i'd still say thanks because you read it until the last. That means that skipreaders are not allowed here. haha. It's supposed to be read fully, that's why. I was actually planning to give people a good laugh with this poem but as i read it myself, it was boring. It seemed to me that this poem should better be written in Tagalog. haha

4 investigated:

Anonymous said...

ahahah... kung di ka lang nama isang dosenang tanga.. hahah pero paminsan-minsan ganyan ako.. hahaha

Xtian said...

@KikomaxXx:tarantado na siguro ang gagawa pa ng isang tulad nito. hahaha

roj said...

HAHAHAHAH! Nalingaw koooo! XD

Xtian said...

@ roj: ka-relate pud ka sah? haha

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