Saturday, June 4, 2011

DBSS Entry Part 1 - "The Block"

Our classes now starts on Monday and although I still think there really won't be "real" classes, I'm posting this just in case I would get busy.

Just a little background:
Back when I was a freshman in Silliman University, we were given FREE copies of the Dark Blue Southern Seas (DBSS) issue 2009. I wasn't quite interested at that time because I was so excited with being a college student. The first issue of the Weekly Sillimanianalso known as tWS, (tWS online and facebook page) came out and the DBSS turned out to be the official literary folio of tWS. There was an ad of DBSS in the tWS at that time asking for contributions for the next year's issue. I actually tried to contribute one but I soon forgot because I was still adjusting(?) to my college life. By the time I reached second year, I finally decided I would contribute. Unfortunately, it seemed that my two contributions were not included. Well, I have no knowledge of that because I did not have a copy of the DBSS 2011.

Anyways, here's one of the poems I submitted as entry for the folio. I suck at titles and that is perhaps one of the reasons I have the writer's block. So tentenenen *ching!*


"The Block"

Once I was, I think, great,
A writer of different sorts,
One who is favored by the fate,
And whose power belongs to the words.

Now, I think I had that block,
An illness I have never known.
But of course, with it I’m stuck
In a maze where no light has shone.

I think – yes, I did – that I lost it –
The ability of writing,
The burning fire that’s always lit,
The flame that’s always been scorching.

Yet, I still miss it, longed for it –
To write again all my heart out,
To hear again the very beat
My love for writing with no doubt.

I don’t want another blank sheet
Untouched, untitled, unwritten
No hint of pen walking its feet
Or a scratch that may be hidden.

But then I thought, I realized.
I’ve not truly lost the passion;
I’ve just been too much mesmerized
Of having lost my attention.

I’ve just been too busy to think
Of being no writer at all.
It was I who made it all sink
For ‘twas I who made all to fall.

Then I found I could write again
A poem I once had resented
For which I had just one written
Of how that block had me tormented.

Now, I know I am back at last
To the one I really love,
The one I had been in the past,
The writer in me, now I have.



That's just it, only that your mind don't produce white balloons when you have it. lol [source]

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I feel your will and passion. Nakakarelate ako sa poem na 'to. I used to be an aspiring writer but I was stuck to the course I really LOVED not until I started my blog which then brings me back to papers-and-pen (in this case, keyboard and monitor). Such a Powerful Poem.

Xtian said...

@IAMJOROSS:thanks. One of the reasons nga yan kaya bumalik ako sa pagba-blog kasi medyo matagal na rin nung ako'y nakasulat.

tim said...

Akala ko J-Lo song to.. hehehe..

Anyway- nice one..

Xtian said...

@tim:lol pare. Di ko nga alam na may ganyan song din pala. Meron ba? haha

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