Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Tamara the 13th"

"Tamara the 13th"

i forgot, maybe last Sunday,05-22-11, 12:00 MN-ish;
(GMT/UTC +8:00)

-nah! I dit not really like it. So boring. Absolutely just something you could play when you're bored or just felt like you still don't want to sleep.

Here you play as Tamara, a woman (again! a girl again?) who's some kind of a witch in the 13th generation? I dunno. I forgot. I did not even bother to remember.

Anyway, I think this game is better played by girls. I just finished because there's more to be wasted if I don't (such as the patience I secreted waiting for this game to be finished dL-ing).

I don't know if witches were like this. But maybe they are. Plot is loosely based on Greek mythology, specifically on the 5 elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Aether.

The only thing I enjoyed in this game is that it seems very easy to finish the game without any help (though in some times, you need "Hints" because some things are well hidden).

That's all. Maybe you'll like it unlike me.

P.S. photo above is a screenshot but not from my account. As you can see it is not my name displayed in the player stuff. i think there's some kind of glitch in this PrtSc key in the laptop.

MY RATING: 8 of 10 stars

2 investigated:

Jag said...

So, it's just a so-so game? hehehe nice screenshot btw! :)

Xtian said...

@Jag: oh yeah, it sucks. haha. and oh thanks din. :)

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