Sunday, May 8, 2011

Poem: "Mama, Thank You"

In remembrance of our mothers, here's a poem I will share to you.

"Mom, Thank You"

Mom, thank you for giving me your love
And for teaching me to praise the One Above.
Mom, thanks for providing me your tender care
And for the good traits that you've come to share.

Mother, thank you for being a friend of mine
And for guiding me closer to Thine.
Mother, thanks for yielding me what I need
And for telling me to follow before I lead.

Mom, thank you for being a tutor to me
And for leading me to God, the Almighty.
Mom, thanks for always being here
At times when I need your arms so dear.

I made this in my freshmen year in Dumaguete Science High School. Honestly, in my opinion, the poem looks as if it's written by a 5-year old kid and not by a 13-year old guy. haha. I'll just leave that impression. After all, I wrote that in a haste because we were required to write 7 poems (of different themes/dedication: to my "love", mother, father, bestfriend, school, God and teachers) as part of the requirements in our English class.

By the way, if you did not notice I used acrostic. It used to be my style back in high school days. In this case, I used "MAMA", wherein the first letters of ever line would form that word.

P.S. Praise me now for being able to enter the prestigious high school (it's a SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL kaya) but before you do I'd tell you that I just took my first year there because I was a coward. haha

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