Sunday, May 8, 2011

Poem: "For You Mom"

Here's another poem for my mom I did way back 2007 I think.

"For You Mom"

She used to be my very foe
And I think she already know
Since when I was a lad
And when I used to be so bad.

But she's still my very friend
Who's always been there 'til the end,
Who helps and encourages me
To be what I should be.

The one who's always at my side
To light my way and be my guide
For my future to be so bright
And not so dim just like the night.

She's for me the best mother
Who also stands to be my father,
Who helps me rise from the mud
And shed my skin out from the bud.

My heart says, "Thanks to you."
Your love makes me to be with you too
The love you gave to make me grow
To make me high and not so low.

Thank you so much mom for letting me sing and not just hum,
Th melody of love you made me hear
To praise God so I won't fear.

Having you is what I'm thankful for
Where I've got many places to soar,
Where the rainbow of colors fill my earth
Ever since my journey hat began at birth.

Thank you very much
For being my mother so such,
And without your needed presence,
My life would be nothing but no essence.

Just like this other poem dedicated for my mom, this one is also made in haste. You could see that it was really made under pressure because the poem keeps on jumping from one emotion to another. But, whatever, I don't care, at least in this part what I did was "expression" and not just "impression" like the card where this poem is inscribed.

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