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From the Shelf: "Lorien Legacies: I Am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore

"Lorien Legacies: I Am Number Four"
by Pittacus Lore

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-Geez! The moment that I heard that the movie of the same name is based on a book, I got so freakin' excited to get a copy of the book and read it.

Of course, I fot a copy and have read it. Why? Should I be posting it here if I haven't? Anyway, I found the title catchy, and so is the tagline ("Three are dead"). Needless to say, the protagonist of the book is the fourth or whatever creature who is the next to be killed.

The book begins with somewhat a prologue (although the book does not say it is) where Three is killed by the Mogadorians.

The rest of the chapters are then narrated by Four and everything is in his POV (point of view). Chapter one begins with Four getting a mark in his leg, after Three gets killed. It turned it, well, that there were nine of them, nine Lorien Gardes(?). Nine teens(?) who are said to be the "Ones"(no, i just made that term.) to save Lorien (their planet) and who BTW then were numbered. Their numbers are charmed in such a way that they can't be killed out of order which means then that if their enemies (the Mogadorians). With Three out of the way, Four is the next one then.

Following Three's death, Four then flees his current place of living and proceed to Paradise, Ohio where he tries to make a life and where the rest of the story continues. His story in Paradise is more like that of a teenage guy rather of an alien who is trying to hide his identity by not getting noticed.

I was quite disappointed though because as I said the book turned out to be more like a teen romance flick rather than a  science fiction novel. He gets bullied, gets to have the nerd(?) as a friend and then falls for the love of a girl (who is BTW the ex of the bully and the QB).

I got so bored with all the romance stuffs in the story that it took me longer to finish this because after few chapter I would rather take a nap, eat or drink rather than finish this book. (Nah. There is nothing so mature here, just "making out" stuffs). The story did not rally get so exciting until you arrive in the 20th or so chapter. That's when the Mogadorians arrive and finally found him. That;s where all the action and all the thrills are. [HINT: Things got hell better when the Charm breaks.]

The last chapters were good with more of the fighting scenes. Anyway, the ending is a cliff-hanger, and very implicative that a sequel is coming. I'm not sure what others will react about this but perhaps in your case you may like it. I just know that for me, it's just worth an 8.5 rating from me.

Anyway, after reading the book, I just hoped I get to read the sequel now because it seems more interesting than this. Also, my next task now is to watch the film adapted from this (which I am very sure had a lot of changes in it).

NUMBER OF PAGES (varies on other versions): 153

MY RATING: 8.5 of 10 stars!

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DENASE said...

why you're fond of book review posts? Anyway, you must be a wide reader.

Good day folk.

Xtian said...

@DENASE:nah, it's just sort of my hobby. Maybe i'm a wide reader. It's just that my vocabulary's weak and even if the book keeps on repeating difficult words I can't seem to remember the meaning the next time I encounter them. haha


I must say that i dont like the very ending of the novel compared to the movie. But that didnt stop me from reading it thrice ;) Im now looking forward for the next book, "The power of Six".

I give Credits to Pittacus Lore for his wise choice of not revealing his true identity.

In the book, I was confused as to why Henry didnt turned to ash just like other Lorien beings did when he died??

Anyways, salamat sa help on my post about Open Draft. Sorry for the long comment:)

Xtian said...

@IAMJOROSS:Me, too. I'm looking forward for the sequel which I think will be better.

haha. I was quite intrigues though with his name and found out that two people actually wrote the book.

The movie writers were just making it more interesting, I think. I think, in the Book, Number Three did not turn to dust or ash or the like. Or maybe, just maybe, the ash effect is only for the Chosen Ones. haha

No problem. I also give long comments. hehe

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