Sunday, May 8, 2011

"For You Mom" background

First and foremost, happy mothers' day to all mothers!

Just last night, I was quite busy arranging some things in my room. I read one of my high school poems dedicated to my mother [link]. Just then I realized that I have made another poem for my mother, and perhaps a better one.

I wrote it during my junior year in high school when our teacher in English told us to make a card. I could not really remember what the theme of our card should be (perhaps, a love card) but I'm certain that it's not for Mothers' Day because as you know Mothers' Day is on May and I'm pretty sure we don't have classes anymore by that time.

Anyway, I found this card although it's sort of destroyed. I think I tried to edit it.

Picture above, the sort of "ruined" stuff
The one written in the front:

"She gave you birth
And so to live on earth...

...She never did rest
just to give you the best."

Yes, yes, it's not that nice but who cares? I did my best doing that. In fact, I put heart2x stuffs in it because my teacher is female and I hoped that the heart2x and all the design would impress her. After all, I really have to do my best in impressing her because I passed it late. (Don't follow kids. It's not really good to impress.)

Above, as magnified(?), signifies of what a punctual guy I am
In case you could not see it clearly, my teacher gave me a rating of 89% Late. Below the I Love You thingy is my letter for my mom. On th very inside of the card is a 8-stanza poem for my mom. As expected, people commented that it was a song. All right, all right! Guys, it's not a song, really! But, I just got the idea of the first line from the Spice Girls song "Mama."

If you want to read the poem, it's in here. And here's another poem dedicated for my mom, too.


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