Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chocolate Scandal

I got this text message from a friend and because I feel like it, I posted it here. I kind of edited for grammatical stuffs. Here it goes:

They exchanged HUGS&KISSES
and he puts his BUTTERFINGER
in her MILKYWAY.
They were on CLOUD 9.
fired with a BIG BANG!



Oh well, I was laughing when i read this even if in reality I don't recognize and have not eaten some of the said chocolates.

Seems like that message is for those who have some fetish for chocolate. I think that is a bad idea or else you might turn into like this:

Take note: You are a chocolate. They will not just lick you. They will eat you until you cease to exist! [from here]
A chocolate human. That's absurd. With no offense but I really find that Axe Chocolate commercial sort of disturbing. If women will perceive you as a chocolate (as implied in the ad or maybe not), just think of what you would do if you have a bunch of chocolates in your fridge.

Perhaps like this. [Image from amazing artist Terry Border [here]
Good day!

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