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From the Shelf: "Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan

"Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid"
by Rick Riordan

"Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan [image source]

05-06-11; 2:08 AM (GMT/UTC +8.00)

-Whoah! you should have seen my face while I was reading this book. Ok I did not mean that. Thank God you were not there while I was reading this one. You could have perhaps perceived that instead of spending my time in front of the laptop I should have spent my time inside an asylum. The euophoria in me is so extreme that I sometimes i felt like my mind had gone haywire.

Well, you can't blame me. I've always loved books and I've always loved mythology and Rick Riordan is also one of my favorite writers in this generation.

Just for starters, "The Red Pyramid" features Egyptian mythology (just as Percy Jackson and the Olympians is to Greek mythology). Don't ask me if that thing up there is the pyramid because it doesn't seem to me like it is. Of course, those two kids in the cover are the protagonists needless to say.

Unlike Riordan's earlier mythology-tied books (Percy Jackson series features Greek while Heroes of Olympus is mostly Roman), the characters in the book are not demigods. Instead they were called godlings, not sons or daughters of some god/goddess but a host of the god/goddess. Yes you heard it right. It's kind of more creepy right? Anyway I find that way more fit because the Egyptian deities were pursued by Egyptian magicians (the other way round in Percy Jackson).

Just to give some kind of clue or hint or spoiler or whatever, there were twists of course. So that I will not be much of a spoiler while giving some hints, I will have it  this way. One twist is that the enemy turns out to be another entity. There is also an unexpected enemy which also turned out to be the real villain in the story.  That's double meant. It's quite easy to discover in the first half of the story of who the first enemy is. The second enemy will be revealed though in the last part of the book. Another twist is that the protagonists will receive help from an unexpected entity and the help will be through anotherunexpected entity too.

Okay, so much for hints. Maybe you would find out them first before I did. Oh my, I'd love to get hold of the sequel "The Throne of Fire!" I think I should visit my favorite yet far bookstore now. lol


MY RATING: 10 of 10 stars!

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