Friday, May 27, 2011


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Kamakailan lang ay gumawa ako ng ambigrams para sa dalawang tao.

*drumrolls kuno*


"Verlyn May Therese" - 180° rotational ambigram
Ang pangalan niya ay Verlyn May Therese at in case di mo makuhang basahin yan dahil magulo, ang pangalan iyan din ang nasa 180 degree rotational ambigram. Isa siyang kaibigan ko nung hayskul at hanggang ngayon din pala na nag-debut party last May 22 pero ang bday ay talaga noong May 24. Isa lang masasabi ko sa debut niya -- SHOCKED AKO!!! Bakit? kasi naman ang kasunduan, kasali ako sa 18 treasures, pero pagdating dun nasali ako sa 18 roses pati na rin sa 18 wishes. haha. Okey lang naman, bday din naman niya kasi, worried lang ako nun kasi baka masira ko ang moment kasi parehong kaliwa paa ko. haha


"hapi bday" - 180° rotational ambigram spinonymized (?) on the name "GOYO"
Yan din ay isang artwork kuno, ginawa ko para kay Goyo ng Goyo's Adventure. Magulo pala. Noong magkahiwalay ang letters, proud na proud ako, tapos nang pinagsama ko na, syet, gumawa pa ako. haha. Anyways, 180 degree rotational ambigram pa rin ang "HAPI BDAY", pero ang isepsyal(?) diyan ay kung anong character ang ginamit ko diyan ay pareho din sa "GOYO". Spinonym daw tawag diyan tulad nito at nito.

Ay basta, yan na yan. Nagpapic nalang ako wid greetings para makabawi kuno.

Show na show kaagad sa dimples. haha
Isang malaking LOL. Hindi ako sure kung sasabihin ko bang wala akong masyadong magawa sa bahay kaya gumawa ako ng ambigrams para sa dalwang taong kaka-bertday lang o idadahilan kong marami akong ginawa sa bahay kaya hindi masyadong maganda ang ginawa ko para sa kanila. haha.

Anyways, sabaw na sabaw na talaga utak ko ngayon tapos enrollment na next week at worried na worried ako sa pagpaenrol kasi wala pang pera. Magpa-promissory nalang ako pero Wednesday pa raw pwede. Sana lang hindi ako makoclosan ng subjects. Tapos, may fines pa akong aabalahin. Saan kaya napupunta ang fines namin?

So sabi ko nga, tatamarin ako ngayon (mula noon na!). Hindi na nga ako nakakapagbloghop kasi tinatamad nga at nagsasalita na si mudra ko na masyado daw akong nagkokomyuter kahit na walang pasok. So, bye2x muna, update ko kayo kung nanganganib na ako at duty pa ako. Magpapahinga muna ako kasi masyadong nagamit powers ko sa pagpapaalis kay Chedeng. lowls.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Tamara the 13th"

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"Tamara the 13th"

i forgot, maybe last Sunday,05-22-11, 12:00 MN-ish;
(GMT/UTC +8:00)

-nah! I dit not really like it. So boring. Absolutely just something you could play when you're bored or just felt like you still don't want to sleep.

Here you play as Tamara, a woman (again! a girl again?) who's some kind of a witch in the 13th generation? I dunno. I forgot. I did not even bother to remember.

Anyway, I think this game is better played by girls. I just finished because there's more to be wasted if I don't (such as the patience I secreted waiting for this game to be finished dL-ing).

I don't know if witches were like this. But maybe they are. Plot is loosely based on Greek mythology, specifically on the 5 elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Aether.

The only thing I enjoyed in this game is that it seems very easy to finish the game without any help (though in some times, you need "Hints" because some things are well hidden).

That's all. Maybe you'll like it unlike me.

P.S. photo above is a screenshot but not from my account. As you can see it is not my name displayed in the player stuff. i think there's some kind of glitch in this PrtSc key in the laptop.

MY RATING: 8 of 10 stars

Saturday, May 21, 2011

From the Shelf: "Lorien Legacies: I Am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore

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"Lorien Legacies: I Am Number Four"
by Pittacus Lore

[Image from here]
05-21-11; 10:58 AM (GMT/UTC +8.00)

-Geez! The moment that I heard that the movie of the same name is based on a book, I got so freakin' excited to get a copy of the book and read it.

Of course, I fot a copy and have read it. Why? Should I be posting it here if I haven't? Anyway, I found the title catchy, and so is the tagline ("Three are dead"). Needless to say, the protagonist of the book is the fourth or whatever creature who is the next to be killed.

The book begins with somewhat a prologue (although the book does not say it is) where Three is killed by the Mogadorians.

The rest of the chapters are then narrated by Four and everything is in his POV (point of view). Chapter one begins with Four getting a mark in his leg, after Three gets killed. It turned it, well, that there were nine of them, nine Lorien Gardes(?). Nine teens(?) who are said to be the "Ones"(no, i just made that term.) to save Lorien (their planet) and who BTW then were numbered. Their numbers are charmed in such a way that they can't be killed out of order which means then that if their enemies (the Mogadorians). With Three out of the way, Four is the next one then.

Following Three's death, Four then flees his current place of living and proceed to Paradise, Ohio where he tries to make a life and where the rest of the story continues. His story in Paradise is more like that of a teenage guy rather of an alien who is trying to hide his identity by not getting noticed.

I was quite disappointed though because as I said the book turned out to be more like a teen romance flick rather than a  science fiction novel. He gets bullied, gets to have the nerd(?) as a friend and then falls for the love of a girl (who is BTW the ex of the bully and the QB).

I got so bored with all the romance stuffs in the story that it took me longer to finish this because after few chapter I would rather take a nap, eat or drink rather than finish this book. (Nah. There is nothing so mature here, just "making out" stuffs). The story did not rally get so exciting until you arrive in the 20th or so chapter. That's when the Mogadorians arrive and finally found him. That;s where all the action and all the thrills are. [HINT: Things got hell better when the Charm breaks.]

The last chapters were good with more of the fighting scenes. Anyway, the ending is a cliff-hanger, and very implicative that a sequel is coming. I'm not sure what others will react about this but perhaps in your case you may like it. I just know that for me, it's just worth an 8.5 rating from me.

Anyway, after reading the book, I just hoped I get to read the sequel now because it seems more interesting than this. Also, my next task now is to watch the film adapted from this (which I am very sure had a lot of changes in it).

NUMBER OF PAGES (varies on other versions): 153

MY RATING: 8.5 of 10 stars!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Game Review: "Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium (Collector's Edition)"

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"Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium (Collector's Edition)"

05-16-11, 11:20 PM-ish;
with the bonus game,  05-17-11, 12:10 AM-ish
(GMT/UTC +8:00)

-AMAZINGLY DISTURBING!!! That perhaps is the best that I can describe with this game. Amazing in the sense that it really left me satisfied and disturbing because of you know -- see screenshot and title.

[SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

It was great aside from the fact that you have to play as a female even if you're a guy. I hope games in this generation will not be that so particular or sort of "biased" like by applying "select Gander" in the Profiles which in turn would then change your character in the game or whatever.

In here, you play as the wife of a missing guy named Tim. Your main goal is to find him (which you are not likely to accomplish at all. haha). Your husband (oh shit!)   disappears after he sets himself to investigate the Green Hills Sanitarium (Mental Hospital ba).

The Sanitarium is strange for one; seems abandoned, rugged, and eerie. Most of the doors are locked and or cn only be opened by solving a puzzle (as almost puzzle games are, duh?!) and the keys or the solutions are scattered in the game universe. There are quite a number of hidden places and tunnels (the screenshot is one) and the patients' room are bewitched/enchanted/cursed/magical/whatever.

Anyway, it was fun. There are about 14 characters including yourself (If I were you, I'd start counting them by the time you get to play this) only that I expected the characters to speak with voice (like it was "dubbed"). I expected a twist but not quite the same with the one I expected. It's better to get the Collector's Edition because there sure is a Bonus game which I'm not sure if there's one if not the CE. There is also one place in the game which I saw but soon forgot and that place can only be unlocked with the bonus game.

I also made a guess that the character I'm playing is just a lunatic and that the whole thing is but a product of hallucinations, but my guess turned out to be not right (just sort of, haha).

[END OF SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Hope you enjoy this game. The ending is a cliff-hanger though which incurs some alternate endings in one's mind.

MY RATING: 9 of 10 stars

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Game Review: "Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets"

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"Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets"

05-15-11, 12:40 AM-ish (GMT/UTC +8:00)

-The title really caught my attention. It's the Salem thing,and not the mysteries stuff though. I did not really know alot about this. It's just that I know that "Salem" is the name of a black cat (can't remember from what tv show; I read it from a comic book ad). Also, I heard that there have been the so-called Salem Witch Trials. As far as what I've heard, those were the times when there were a bunch of women who were tried and burned(?) at stake because they were accused of practicing witchcraft.

Although this game is magic-related -- and by magic, i mean like spells, witchcraft, potions, elixirs etc -- I don't think that it's really connected with the Witch Trials. [SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] There is only one witch(?) in the game.

Also, I sort of find the ending lacking. Yes, lacking, and not hanging. I expected something more like more fights with the witch and all.

Anyway, it's a good game to pass the time. It felt good when the character you are playing is not gender-specified. In here, you play as Constable Hawthorne. Well, I don't know if it's a guy but I think it'd better be. I enjoyed searching for the four girls (said to be bewitched) and roaming around the place called Salem. Perhaps, that's how the title got into it.

MY RATING: 8.5 of 10 stars

Saturday, May 14, 2011

REPOST: "Pag-uusap sa Hardin"

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Sa totoo lang ay hindi ko talaga alam kung ano ang gagawaing pamagat para dito. Suggestions nga. Basta yan muna title ko ngayon. hehe. Hindi ko expected pero tinanggap pala ng TKJ ang entry na ito for May 2011 kahit na parang obyos na obyos ang pamagat. haha. Proud na proud  ako diyan kasi yung mga contributions ko na mga tula sa mga publications dito sa amin ay naudlot. hehe

Ang ideya sa tulang ito ay mula sa aking nakatatandang kapatid na babae nung nagtanong ako sa kanya tungkol sa isang ideya ng kwento o tula patungkol sa mga bulaklak dahil wala naman talaga akong masyadong alam sa mga bulaklak. Hindi ko lubos maisip na ang isang ideyang ito na noong una ay matatawag kong "last resort" ay magbubunga ng isang tulang kung saan ay muling sisibol ang pagiging makata ko. FTW!

Ang "Pag-uusap sa Hardin" ay tungkol sa isang pag-uusap (ano pa ba ang ine-ekspek mo ha?) ng mga bulaklak sa hardin, isang malalim na diskusyonan tungkol sa kani-kanilang mga pangarap sa oras ng kani-kanilang pamumukadkad. Ikaw, kanino mo nakikita ang iyong sarili sa mga bulaklak sa tula?

Sige na basahin mo na. Basahin ang tula dito: "Pag-uusap sa Hardin."

Maraming salamat.

P.S. Sadya kong ginawang kulay nalang ang pangalan ng mga bulaklak kasi wala talaga akong masyadong alam na bulaklak na tagalog. Tsaka, baka magkaroon pa ng floral discrimination. lol. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

100 days nalang!

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Simula na ng 100 DAYS!!!! Hay! Kainis naman kasi ngayon lang ako nakapagpost. Nagdrama siguro ang connection o baka site.

Anyways, nagsimula na pala yung show na "100 Days to Heaven" sa ABS-CBN. At syempre dahil kakasimula pa lang, inanbangan ko talaga. (Ang ibig sabihin ng "inabangan" dito ay "hindi muna iniligpit ang kalat sa hapag-kainan at di muna tinulungan si ate sa kusina." lol)

[Image Source]
Sa simula ng show, makikita na ang kasaysayan (syempre ano pa nga ba?) ni Anna Malastas at ng kanyang pagiging suplada. Mula pagkabata (as Xyriel Manabat) ay hindi na niya naramdaman ang pagmamahal ng isang magulang. Patay na raw kasi ang ina niya tapos yung ama niya ay sobra naman sa pagka-strict. Si Yaya siguro pwede na? Hindi. Nagnakaw kasi siya and all kaya pinalayas. Basta, basta, nabuntis si Anna (now as Shaina Magdayao) tapos hindi pinanagutan ng ama nito ang bata. Pumanaw si Strict Daddy with all the pangungumpisal at paghihingi ng tawad. Ayun, dun na nagsimula maging bato ang puso ni Anna.

Fast forward tayo. Masyado na itong mahaba kung pagsususnod-sunurin pa natin.

Ang mga sumusundo ay ilan sa aking mga theories kuno at mga insights na nakuha ko (at ng aking ate) mula sa programa:

1. (Sabi ni ate, nung kasisimula pa nung show) Baka hindi pa raw patay ang nanay ni Anna at baka ito raw si Ms. Gloria Romero (kasi parang walang konek yung nasa trailer). Yung unang teorya na ate lang ay nagkatotoo. Hindi pa patay si Mothe dear ni Anna nung 5 yrs old siya pero namatay din ito 1 yr before namatay si Daddy niya (as revealed in the show).

2. Ang yaman-yaman ng producers ng show.  Hindi ako sure kung producers ba tawag dun basta mayaman sila kung sinuman sila. Bakit ko nasai iyon? Medyo marami-rami din kasi ang kinuhang actors at actresses ng show tapos parang pang one time lang ang appearance nila. To name a few(?):  Lui Manansala (yung yaya na nagnakaw), Mark Gil, Shaina Magdayao, Felix Roco, Pokwang, Melai Cantiveros, Vice Ganda, Gloria Romero, Jason Abalos, Chinggoy Alonzo, Xian Lim, Sam Milby, Empress Schuck, Ron Morales, Noel Trinidad, etc. Dami din ha? Well, siguro mostly sa kanila ay babalikan yung characters kasi i-kokorek naman ni Anna yung pagkakamali niya.

3. Hindi rin typical ang show. Joke! Sarastic ako dun. Iba kasi inekspek ko. Inekspek ko na ang unang makikita ko sa show ay yung Anna na Connie Reyes na. Para kasing mas may drama kung sa pagtataray niya ay magfa-flashback bigla yung mga undesirable happenings sa buhay niya. Pero well, I think mas effective na ipakita yung childhood muna kes sa suggestion kong flashbacks. Mas magastos naman kasi suggestion ko. lol. Isa pa, natawa ako sa pangalan ng kompanya: The Toy Company. haha. 

4. Nasaan kaya ang nawawalang anak ni Anna? Mga ilang araw matapos iluwal ni Anna ang anak niya ay inutusan niya si Yaya Pokwang na ilayo ang bata sa kanya at ipaampon sa mabuting pamilya kasi di siya karapat-dapat na ina para dito. Ang hula ko lang dito ay hindi kaya si Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) ang nawawala niyang anak. Madalas naman kasi sa movies eh connected lang lahat ng pangyayari na parang destiny. 

5. Sino kaya ang salarin? Ang huling moments sa show ay nung mamatay si Anna sa pagsabog nung istinar na niya yung kotse niya at blablabla. Sa trailer, makikita natin na parang si Bobby (Domini Ochoa) ang pinapalabas na salarin dahil sa mga sinabi niya. Pero nung mapanood ko na ang show, may motibo siya pero parang di rin naman siya. Nung sinabi niya na "makakaganti din ako sa kanya" or parang ganun, minutes before sa pagsabog lang yun. Imposible naman siguro na ang planong iyon ay hindi pinag-isipan and speaking of pinag-isipan, yung idea ni Bobby of getting even with her just occure minutes before blablabla.

Isa pa parang koneskyon yung new driver na si Baldo (Ron Morales). Malamang ay langis yung naamoy ni Anna at hindi ang amoy ni Baldo (as what he said). Para ding may koneksyon yung sekretarya at si Baldo. Baka naman yung inoccent-looking na character ni Valerie C. ang may kinalaman. Ay basta, abangan nalang natin. Hindi pa naman ako binabayaran sa libreng advertisement na ito. 

Ay basta, yun lang mga hula at kuha ko mula sa show. Tignan lang natin kung totoo ang no. 5 ko.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Get to know yourself better

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By chance I happen to stumble across this site through a friend of mine in facebook. I was interested because, of course, the title is interesting for me. I think I have answered this personality quiz eons ago but still I tried because I forgot the result. haha

If you want, you can get to know yourself better here.

Get to know yourself better

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

I don't know if this quiz would really give the correct results to all people but in my case it really is true. SO perhaps this quiz will make you know me better.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tula: “Pag-uusap sa Hardin”

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Sa totoo lang ay hindi ko talaga alam kung ano ang gagawaing pamagat para dito. Suggestions nga. Basta yan muna title ko ngayon. hehe.

“Pag-uusap sa Hardin”
ni Welliberneil Kristian F. Gubat a.k.a. Kristian

Sa isang lupain, may isang bahay na bukod-tangi
‘Pagkat sa likod nito’y ‘sang harding napakalaki
At sa harding ito’y nakatanim mga bulaklak,
Makukulay, mababango’t magagandang bulaklak.

Minsan ay nagkaroon ng diskusyonan sa hardin
Ang nasabing mga mahahalimuyak na tanim.
Bagama’t ang mga ito’y di pa namumukadkad,
Mga ambisyon at pangarap kan’lang inilahad.

“Pamumukadkad ko ang aking pinakahihintay,”
Pag-aasam ni Lila kanyang isinilaysay.
“Sa oras na ‘yon, nais ko sanang ako’y makita
Ng ‘sang dalagang may natatanging yumi at ganda.

“Sa mahaba n’yang buhok ako’y kanyang ilalagay
‘Pagkat ang ganda ko’y sa tulad lang n’ya nababagay.
Sa aking mga talulot na lila ang s’yang kulay,
Tiyak na maaakit lahat sa karik’tan kong taglay.”

“Ang ‘yong pinapangarap ay walang katiyakan
‘Pagkat lamang sa ‘yo ang aking kahalimuyakan,”
Pagyayabang ni Pula na may dalang pang-iinis.
“Di hamak na ako dito ang pinakamakinis.

“Tiyak na ako’y aasamin ng mga binata
Dahil ang samyo ko’y natatangi at naaiba.
Kapag ako ay ibinigay sa isang dalaga,
Siguradong mapapasagot ito ng binata.”

“Ang bababaw naman ng inyong ninanais,”
Sabi ni Dilaw, ang may balat na walang kawangis.
“Ako? Gusto ko na kapag ako’y namukadkad na,
Ilalagay ako ng may-ari sa kanyang sala.

“Tatayo ako sa isang mamahaling plorera
At ipapamalas ko ang aking naiibang ganda.
Ako’y natatangi ‘pagka’t kulay ko’y maliwanag,
Higit na kaakit-akit sa sinupamang dilag.”

Nagkagulo ang sari-saring kulay ng bulaklak,
Nagpayabangan sila at ayaw pang magpasindak.
Kanya-kanya ang mga ito sa paghahambugan
Ngunit si Puti’y tahimik sa isang kasulokan.

‘Di n’ya inalintana ang kanilang kapalaluan
‘Pagkat ‘di n’ya maintindihan ang kan’lang alitan.
Hindi naglaon ay napansin din nila si Puti
Kaya’t s’ya’y tinanong nila kung anong masasabi.

“Ikaw Puti, ano ba ano ba ang iyong pinapangarap?”
Tanong ni Kahel.Ano nga ba ang nais mong maganap?
Ibig mo bang ikaw ay kunin ng isang dalaga?
O hindi kaya ng isang matikas na binata?”

Ani naman ni Bughaw, “Marahil ‘di n’ya ‘yan nasa.
Baka mithi n’yang malagay sa paso o plorera
At s’yang magiging sentro ng atensyon at atraksyon
Kung saan lahat ng tingin sa kanya nakatuon.”

“Hindi,” sagot ni Puti. “ ’Di ko iyan inaasam.
Ayoko sanang lisan ang lupa kong kinalagyan.”
Dahil sa sinabi n’ya, sya’y pinagtawanan
Walang tigil ang kan’lang pagkutya at pag-uyam.

Ngunit si Puti ay muli na namang nagsalita
“ ‘Di ko nais na iwan ang kinatirikang lupa.
Sa oras na mamukadkad  ang talulot kong puti,
Itataas ko ang aking dahon sa pagbubunyi.

“Itataas ko ito at titignan ang langit,
Mag-aalay ako ng pasasalamat na awit
At sa Poong Maykapal ako ay mananalangin
Dahil sa magandang bukas na binigay sa akin.

“Wala na akong iba pang ninanais, iyon lang
Kung kaya’t ako sana’y inyong mainitindihan
Kung bakit mas nais ko pang dito ay magpaiwan.
‘Yun ay dahil buhay ko’y sa Kanya ko inilaan.”

Bigla-bigla ay nagkaroon ng katahimikan
Nagsitigil na sila sa kanilang halakhakan
At pinagtantuhan ang mga sinabi ni Puti
Kung ito ba ay walang saysay o mayroong silbi.



P.S. Sadya kong ginawang kulay nalang ang pangalan ng mga bulaklak kasi wala talaga akong masyadong alam na bulaklak na tagalog. Tsaka, baka magkaroon pa ng floral discrimination. lol. 

Imong Mama!

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Ang titulo ay ang Bisaya sa katagang "Iyong Mama!" o "Mama mo!" Ito ay hango sa isang expreksiyon na sikat dito sa Negros (at siguro sa Cebu at sa iba pang lugar na Bisaya ang pananalita). Ang tantya ko ay nagmula ito sa Ingles na ekspresiyon na "YO MAMA..." at mukhang sa gaming world ito nagsimula.

Halimbawa sa pagkakagamit:

Guy: Gwapa kaayu ka! (Ang ganda mo!)
Girl: Imong mama gwapa! (Nanay mo maganda!)

isa pa:

Guy1: Outing ta guys! (Outing tayo guys!)
Guy2: Imong mama outing!

ang panangga ko diyan ay eto:

Ako: Cute lage ng picture! (Cute yang picture na yan!)
Friend: Imong mama cute! (Nanay mo cute!)
A: Bitaw, mao ganeng cute pud ko. Palag? (Oo nga, kaya nga cute din ako. Oh ano? [*palag* ay isang paghahamon sa kausap])
F: Imong mama palag! (Nanay mo "di-ko-alam-tagalog-niyan"!)
A: Imong silingan! (Kapitbahay niyo!)
F: Imong yaan! (Tiyahin mo!)
A: Imong igsuon, imong iro, imrong iring, imong parente, imong katigulangan, imong sumusunod!!! (Kapatid mo, aso mo, pusa mo, kaanak mo, ninuno mo, mga anak ng anak mo!)

eh pa'no kung ganito na?

Person1: Wrong grammar man na! Stupid! (Wrong grammar yan uy! Stupid!)
Person2: IMONG MAMA STUPID! (Nanay mo estupida!)

Diba nakakasakit ng damdamin yan? Yung isang away eh dinadamay mo pa ang ibang taong di naman kasali sa usapan. Sa huli kong haimbawa, ang alam ko eh medyo naging totohanan nga away ng dalwang taong iyan. Ang naaalala ko si Person 1 ay nagreply ng isang nosbleed na English statement kay Person 2 na hindi naman kilala ni Person2 ang nanay ni Person1 kaya wala siyang karapatang sabihin iyon.

Ang sa akin lang ay sana maisip lang ng mga tao ang paggamit sa ekspresiyong ito kung may masasaktan ba sila. Ang pag-usbong ng mga ekspresiyon ay hindi mapipigilan ng tao, ito ay bahagi sa pag-unlad ng isang wika. Ang sa akin lang ay sana gamitin ito ng tama. (May tama ba sa pagjojoke?) Ang sa akin lang ay isipin muna ang pagkakagamit sa salita at kug bakit nila ito ginagamit at hindi lang dahil sa sila ay nakikibagay sa uso ng panahon.

Ang sa akin lang ay sana bago nila isipin sambitin ang ekspresiyong ito ay maalala nila ang isang taong nagluwal sa kanila sa mundong kinalagyan natin ngayon.

Isang paaalala na di dapat balewalain ang mga nanay. Happy Mothers' Day sa lahat ng Nanay!

"For You Mom" background

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First and foremost, happy mothers' day to all mothers!

Just last night, I was quite busy arranging some things in my room. I read one of my high school poems dedicated to my mother [link]. Just then I realized that I have made another poem for my mother, and perhaps a better one.

I wrote it during my junior year in high school when our teacher in English told us to make a card. I could not really remember what the theme of our card should be (perhaps, a love card) but I'm certain that it's not for Mothers' Day because as you know Mothers' Day is on May and I'm pretty sure we don't have classes anymore by that time.

Anyway, I found this card although it's sort of destroyed. I think I tried to edit it.

Picture above, the sort of "ruined" stuff
The one written in the front:

"She gave you birth
And so to live on earth...

...She never did rest
just to give you the best."

Yes, yes, it's not that nice but who cares? I did my best doing that. In fact, I put heart2x stuffs in it because my teacher is female and I hoped that the heart2x and all the design would impress her. After all, I really have to do my best in impressing her because I passed it late. (Don't follow kids. It's not really good to impress.)

Above, as magnified(?), signifies of what a punctual guy I am
In case you could not see it clearly, my teacher gave me a rating of 89% Late. Below the I Love You thingy is my letter for my mom. On th very inside of the card is a 8-stanza poem for my mom. As expected, people commented that it was a song. All right, all right! Guys, it's not a song, really! But, I just got the idea of the first line from the Spice Girls song "Mama."

If you want to read the poem, it's in here. And here's another poem dedicated for my mom, too.


Poem: "For You Mom"

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Here's another poem for my mom I did way back 2007 I think.

"For You Mom"

She used to be my very foe
And I think she already know
Since when I was a lad
And when I used to be so bad.

But she's still my very friend
Who's always been there 'til the end,
Who helps and encourages me
To be what I should be.

The one who's always at my side
To light my way and be my guide
For my future to be so bright
And not so dim just like the night.

She's for me the best mother
Who also stands to be my father,
Who helps me rise from the mud
And shed my skin out from the bud.

My heart says, "Thanks to you."
Your love makes me to be with you too
The love you gave to make me grow
To make me high and not so low.

Thank you so much mom for letting me sing and not just hum,
Th melody of love you made me hear
To praise God so I won't fear.

Having you is what I'm thankful for
Where I've got many places to soar,
Where the rainbow of colors fill my earth
Ever since my journey hat began at birth.

Thank you very much
For being my mother so such,
And without your needed presence,
My life would be nothing but no essence.

Just like this other poem dedicated for my mom, this one is also made in haste. You could see that it was really made under pressure because the poem keeps on jumping from one emotion to another. But, whatever, I don't care, at least in this part what I did was "expression" and not just "impression" like the card where this poem is inscribed.

Poem: "Mama, Thank You"

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In remembrance of our mothers, here's a poem I will share to you.

"Mom, Thank You"

Mom, thank you for giving me your love
And for teaching me to praise the One Above.
Mom, thanks for providing me your tender care
And for the good traits that you've come to share.

Mother, thank you for being a friend of mine
And for guiding me closer to Thine.
Mother, thanks for yielding me what I need
And for telling me to follow before I lead.

Mom, thank you for being a tutor to me
And for leading me to God, the Almighty.
Mom, thanks for always being here
At times when I need your arms so dear.

I made this in my freshmen year in Dumaguete Science High School. Honestly, in my opinion, the poem looks as if it's written by a 5-year old kid and not by a 13-year old guy. haha. I'll just leave that impression. After all, I wrote that in a haste because we were required to write 7 poems (of different themes/dedication: to my "love", mother, father, bestfriend, school, God and teachers) as part of the requirements in our English class.

By the way, if you did not notice I used acrostic. It used to be my style back in high school days. In this case, I used "MAMA", wherein the first letters of ever line would form that word.

P.S. Praise me now for being able to enter the prestigious high school (it's a SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL kaya) but before you do I'd tell you that I just took my first year there because I was a coward. haha

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Usapang Love

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Nagkaroon kami ng pag-uusap sa katabi na kaklase kong babae (na itatago na sa pangalang Lady) sa HIST 41. Medyo natatawa lang ako sa aming pinag-usapan kaya i-she-share ko na lang.

Mga alas dose ng hapon nun tapos sai ni Sir Jomy na "I will give you a short break." Extended kasi class namin para wala kaming pasok pagka-Sabado.

Noong mga time na yun, syempre ano pa ba ang ginagawa ko? Eh di ang suminghot sa amoy ng pagkaing dala ng kaklase kong may lahing Aleman (na babae din). Gutom na gutom na rin kasi ako tapos nagdala pa siya ng food. Shet! Amoy na amoy ko pa ang food.

Anyways, bago tayo mapuosnta sa pagka-far out, habang binabasa kunwa;y ko ang pinakamamahal na Noli Me Tangere ni Jose Rizal ay narinig kong nag-uusap yung kaklase kong half-German, yung lalakeng Koreano sa ikod namin at yung isang pinoy na tokayo ko. Nag-uusap sila sa bf/gf tapos may sinabi si German girl na medyo di ko narinig. Sabi ng katabi ko sabi daw ni German girl ay "once pa lang daw siya nagkaroon ng boypren." Medyo di ako makapaniwala pero bago ako magkaroon ng chance na sabihan si German girl nang "Weh? Di nga?"ay may itinanong sa ain si Lady na siyang nagpatindig ng balahibo ko.

Lady: Ikaw, nagka-gf ka na? 

Ako: *smile2x lang*

Lady: May gf ka na? As in? Hindi mo pa na-try?

Ako: It failed. (with sad puppy eyes kuno)

Lady: (tumawa-tawa pa) Haha. (nakalimutan ko kung ano sinabi niya. lol basta ito ata sunod niyang sinabi--->) Ayeeeh!

Ako: Wala. Wala lang yun. Di naman naging kami. High school ek-ek lang yun. Joke2x lang. May something pero basta loooooooong story.

Lady: eh pero namang iba na nahihirapan talaga. May iba nga na nagpapakamatay nang dahil sa pag-ibig.

Ako: Ses! Bakit naman? Pag-ibig2x na yan. Andami kayang mga isda sa dagat.

Lady: Madami nga pero hindi naman sa 'yo.

Ako: Alam mo, mas madaling hulihin ng mga nasa lambat na, yung mga nakatali na. Pareho sa manok, madali lang kunin ang manok pag ito'y nakatali pero pag ito'y hindi nakatali mahihirapan ka sa pagkuha nito.

Lady: Haha. Oo nga no. Bakit kaya ganun? Sabi nila ganoon talaga.

Ako: May nakapagsabi sa akin na madali daw hulihin ang mga nakatali kesa sa mga hindi kesa sa mga hindi kasi sila ay medyo hindi sanay na nag-iisa. (Ang ibig kong sabihin sa "nakatali" ay yung may bg/gf na o di kaya'y mga taong nagkaroon ng relasyon sa mahabang panahon) Yung mga nakatali 'pag nagkaroon ng di pagkakaunwaan sa boypren/girlpren o di kaya'y mahihiwalay nito, maghahanap daw ito ng pagbabalingan ng lungkot. Hindi ito sanay daw na maging mag-isa kasi nakatali nga sila. Kapag humina ang tali maghahanap sila ng ibang tatali sa kanila. Ewan pero iyon ang sabi nila.

Lady: Wow! Eksperto ka pala!
Naks! Naniwala naman. Pero sa totoo lang hindi ko alam kung totoo iyan. May nakapagsbai lang sa akin niyan. Tapos, hindi ko naman alam iyon kasi wala pa nga eh! Siguro, aplikabol ito pero di siguro sa lahat. Posible din naman kasi na mas mahirap hulihin ang nakatali kasi may nagmamay-ari na.

Friday, May 6, 2011

From the Shelf: "Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan

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"Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid"
by Rick Riordan

"Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan [image source]

05-06-11; 2:08 AM (GMT/UTC +8.00)

-Whoah! you should have seen my face while I was reading this book. Ok I did not mean that. Thank God you were not there while I was reading this one. You could have perhaps perceived that instead of spending my time in front of the laptop I should have spent my time inside an asylum. The euophoria in me is so extreme that I sometimes i felt like my mind had gone haywire.

Well, you can't blame me. I've always loved books and I've always loved mythology and Rick Riordan is also one of my favorite writers in this generation.

Just for starters, "The Red Pyramid" features Egyptian mythology (just as Percy Jackson and the Olympians is to Greek mythology). Don't ask me if that thing up there is the pyramid because it doesn't seem to me like it is. Of course, those two kids in the cover are the protagonists needless to say.

Unlike Riordan's earlier mythology-tied books (Percy Jackson series features Greek while Heroes of Olympus is mostly Roman), the characters in the book are not demigods. Instead they were called godlings, not sons or daughters of some god/goddess but a host of the god/goddess. Yes you heard it right. It's kind of more creepy right? Anyway I find that way more fit because the Egyptian deities were pursued by Egyptian magicians (the other way round in Percy Jackson).

Just to give some kind of clue or hint or spoiler or whatever, there were twists of course. So that I will not be much of a spoiler while giving some hints, I will have it  this way. One twist is that the enemy turns out to be another entity. There is also an unexpected enemy which also turned out to be the real villain in the story.  That's double meant. It's quite easy to discover in the first half of the story of who the first enemy is. The second enemy will be revealed though in the last part of the book. Another twist is that the protagonists will receive help from an unexpected entity and the help will be through anotherunexpected entity too.

Okay, so much for hints. Maybe you would find out them first before I did. Oh my, I'd love to get hold of the sequel "The Throne of Fire!" I think I should visit my favorite yet far bookstore now. lol


MY RATING: 10 of 10 stars!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chocolate Scandal

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I got this text message from a friend and because I feel like it, I posted it here. I kind of edited for grammatical stuffs. Here it goes:

They exchanged HUGS&KISSES
and he puts his BUTTERFINGER
in her MILKYWAY.
They were on CLOUD 9.
fired with a BIG BANG!



Oh well, I was laughing when i read this even if in reality I don't recognize and have not eaten some of the said chocolates.

Seems like that message is for those who have some fetish for chocolate. I think that is a bad idea or else you might turn into like this:

Take note: You are a chocolate. They will not just lick you. They will eat you until you cease to exist! [from here]
A chocolate human. That's absurd. With no offense but I really find that Axe Chocolate commercial sort of disturbing. If women will perceive you as a chocolate (as implied in the ad or maybe not), just think of what you would do if you have a bunch of chocolates in your fridge.

Perhaps like this. [Image from amazing artist Terry Border [here]
Good day!
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