Thursday, April 14, 2011

My subconscious is trying to tell me something

I don't really have plans on making a post today but something happened which moved to do otherwise.

I had this awful dream. I won't know discuss it anymore of how the story went. The only thing thing I felt strange about this dream is that I felt there is something my subconscious is telling me. I don't know why but this is perhaps the very first time that I felt this. By the time I woke up, I immediately had the feeling that i have to remember that dream. Even if I felt so weak after waking up and have to eat supper already, I managed myself to get my handy dandy notebook to write the last remnants of my memory of that dream. I did it faster for fear that I may lose it.

I don't know why this happened. I have never been this paranoid. There really is something my subconscious is trying to tell me. Oh crap! I wish the world of "Inception" is true.

I can't believe I'ms so paranoid. Please bear with me. I just felt the need to express this eerie feeling. I don't think I can concentrate for tomorrow's exam. Now I'm so sure my test tomorrow would be so epic and so shall be my answers.

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♥superjaid♥ said...

please relax your mind. exam is still an exam. i will be a part of your grade and your grade defies your future. a vague dream should not stop you on daily life. if you cant remember it, then dont push yourself to much its only a dream.

Bhing said...

calm yourself :)

don't be too harsh on your self!

have a good day!

ISTAMBAY said...

ignore mo na lang muna yan.. my mas impostante kang dapat isipin. Kung patuloy na bumabagabag sayo yan, pray ka lang parekoy..

gudluck sa exams...

Kamila said...

Sabi nila meron daw similar meaning ang dreams natin sa nararamdaman natin (feelings natin) in real life... I partly believe that... Siguro may konek lang yang dream mo sa kung ano o ayaw mo maramdaman sa present... at wag ka masyado paranoid.. pero okay lang din naman maging paranoid.. wag lang maaapektuhan ang araw araw mong pamumuhay..baka mabaliw ka..hehehe

kristian said...

@♥superjaid♥:thanks. After writing my dream in my handy dandy notebook, na relax na ako pero kahit na nag-aral ako ay mahirap pa rin exam.. Waah! Sana lang malaki pa rin kuha ko dun. haha

@Bhing::thanks ate. di naman siguro harsh pero siguro yung panaginip, oo. Bahala na nga. Malalaman ko din naman kung ano yun sa takdang panahon.

@ISTAMBAY:okey na kuya. at in fairness, epektib ang prayers. Medyo nakapag-aral ako pero feel ko pa rin mahirap yung exams. salamat pa rin. :)

kristian said...

@Kamila:oo, yun din yong nabasa ko noon na dream decoder kuno. It is not the appearance the dream but you feeling towards your dream daw.

tomoh! okey lang namang maging paranoid. di naman ako nababaliw, patungo pa dun. *knocks on wood* haha. o baka di talaga ako nababaliw kasi baliw na talaga ako. lol. *knock on wood na naman*

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