Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Long Lost Brother

Today, after watching the trailer of the newest TV Show in ABS-CBN "Good Vibes" which features two half-brother, I felt that I have to post about my story too.

We're not! [image from here]
I don't know how we became brothers but I'm very sure that we do not share the same mother nor father. But still, my sister would call him her younger brother or "Dodong." Just as what I said a while ago, he is not really my brother. He is just some other guy brought forth into this world by some bitch. He was just given to us because the mother can't provide for him. Don't call me judgmental but I think that is really true -- a bitch gave birth to him.

I just found this guy kind of irritating and so demanding. Whenever he becomes hungry, he is so so very very noisy. I mean like here, he is so disturbing especially when I am studying. Also, he's such an attention-seeker. I really think that this kid does have an ADHD. Sometimes though he is so silent and makes lambing which then gives me the conclusion that he probably doesn't have ADHD but maybe a Bipolar Disorder aka the Manic-depressive disorder. That is one wherein most patients become aggressive some time and then suddenly they become the opposite.

Manic on the left, depressive on the right [Image from here]
One of the worst things that I really hate is when he dragged my slippers out from the doorway. Oh come on; he must be really envious even if those slippers are just fake Havaianas ones. I once told my mom to buy him slippers so that he won't be taking mine but it seems that nobody heard me.

Anyway, even if he is like that I still love this guy. After all, he's still 3 years old, going 4 this October probably (can't be sure what date though). I checked his facebook account once and "My! What a genius he is!" If what is said in there is true then he really must be one. Listed under the languages that he knew were Bisaya, Tagalog, English, American Sign Language, Braille, Morse Code, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Chinese, Jejemon and even Binary. However i do not believe it. He must be just bluffing. There is just one though in the list that I am very sure he speaks:


Haha. :D
By the way, here's his primary pic. Maybe you'd like to add him on facebook.

His name is Potchie by the way. :)

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