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From the Shelf: "Murder in the Charleston Manner" by Patricia Sprinkle

"Murder in the Charleston Manner"
by Patricia Sprinkle

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-One of the books my sis purchased at Capitol Bookstore for Php 5.00! Woot2x!

[WARNING: SPOILER COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Anyway, this book took me a long time to finish it. At first, it's kind of boring. The first murder (why first? because there's a second!) added the thrill but it took me about twenty chapters to be really thrilled and be really encouraged to speed up my reading.

Also, this author kind of adapted Christie's style of writing. The scary(?) part of this book is that, as what is written in it's first pages, "nothing hurries...not even murder." The crimes are slow and are in series. But, detecting who the real culprit is and the one behind all the "accidents" turns out to be an easy task.

I'm not bluffing but my "deduction(?)" turned out to be correct. Determining who the murderer was, though, kind of confusing. Almost all of the characters are close to each other, not to mention that almost all of them had the opportunity, the motive, and imperfect alibis. Of course, at first everybody is suspected.  Basically, I suspected the one who is probably the most likely to be suspected. Then, I narrowed it down because that person was killed and it seemed to me that the most probable suspects are gonna die soon. I became careful and suspected then 2 persons, the one least likely to be suspected because of the least probable chance and the other least likely to be suspected because of his/her character.

[END OF SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


MY RATING: 9 of 10 stars!

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Anonymous said...

A Dame Agatha Christie copycat that is, no?

Kamila said...

di ako mahilig sa detective stories.. ay hindi pala ako mahilig talaga mag-basa.. pero ang mura nun.. 5.oo? hahahaha san banda yun?

Anonymous said...

deduction? sige ikaw na si pink panther! hehehe Php5.00? i got to get me some of those books!

DENASE said...

mahilig kaba magbasa ng novels?good story ba yan?

kristian said...

@midnightorgasm:I just got the idea of her possibly adapting Christie's style from one of the reviews (written on the inside).

@Kamila:sa Dumaguete ito. Sa Negros Oriental. Naka-sale sila kasi magsasara na sila. Ang alam ko ay nung una kong punta dun ay Php100 for 10 books/magazines. Naging 5 daw to sabi ng ate ko kasi nang pumunta siya dito ay nag-eempake na talaga sila. haha

@prinsesamusang:haha. tina-try ko lang kung kaya ba ang mag-deduce. Wala na yung tindahang nagtitinda nito. Nagsara na sila. Sana lumipat nalang kesa nagsara talaga.

@DENASE:Medyo mahilig. hehe.. Hmm... Good na siguro. Okey nang pampalipas oras. hehe

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