Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April Fools' Day!

Whoah! What else? It's April Fool's Day! Nah, I did not really think of it not until this very moment I made this totally just-to-fill-up-my-blog post.

I just don't know why some of my friends played their parts in this prank day. Maybe they're just for the fun. Anyhow, below are just some of the pranks (via Facebook, the notable social network) I noticed this April Fools' day and the previous one's too:

-Probably the most common and the prank which people always do even if it's not April. Many of my Facebook friends would put on their birthdates as fake ones. In this case, I just found some who put it into April 1. That is why I hardly post onto birthday boys/girls into their walls greeting 'em a happy birthday because I certainly would have no idea whether their comment would be "Happy April Fools' Day!!!" or "Hey, you fell into my trap!" Oh jeez thank you. My greetings now become so expensive. I usually greet those who I know and to those I don;t, I'd usually just scroll down their pages and find out whether it's the truth or not.

-Oh well, I just found out that some joked about this thing. I just don't find this thing fit for a joke. Anyway, whoever said that love is a joke? I'm gonna crush him with my bare fists. (haha. I can barely do that). But yeah well, seriously, it's not fir for a joke. Just goodd thing that I found only one friend who did this prank. But hers was so obvious because in the feed it said that "Ms. [pls insert name] is engaged to Mr. [pls insert name of young actor]." Haha. I just laughed at it. I knew she's got a crush on that actor; I just can't imagine her making that prank. Now, I just wonder whether she really made that bogus account of that actor or not.

-I was just about to type another one when I recently discovered another prank. This campus coupld mus have planned it well. Ms. HighSchool-mate made a status about "Mr.Elem-Classmate" leaving already. I think she fooled 5 people or so when I am supposed to be the next. Fortunately for me, I decided to check her wall first. I might see some quirky things out there. And oh yes I did. On her next post, she tagged people whom she fooled and said a loud "HAPPY APRIL FOOLS' DAY!" And oh yes again, I was right.

-He's not really the campus crush, or so I think. Many of his folks said he is and that is just what I put up because I can't think of any good code name at all. He was my classmate back in elementary and I never thought of him as gay. I just found out that he posted in Fb as status that "he loves being gay." Oh well, I knew it very well that it's just another prank. But it turned out that it is not. It is also not true. I pity this guy. Just another poor victim of nothing-to-do hackers. Somebody must have typed that because he commented on the post that he didn't and then came following his rants. I just don't get why hackers do this stuff. Hmm. We don't know maybe I'm gonna do that too. Oh no, not the post as status thing; the hacking thing remember?

5. ?
I can't remember any and I haven't found another yet. I hope the next time I'll be posting about my own pranks (wherein most were ineffective at all). haha

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Kamila said...

I found this great blog site..and cute nung mga pranks nila.. super nag-enjoy ako.. hmmm.. share ko sana sayo..kase hindi na april's fool now..

pero eto pa rin..if you want to laugh your hearts out DITO DITO DITO!!

Hahaha... super dame kong tawa jan..

and I guess if you joke during april's fool.. it's long na hindi super duper traumatic naman ang mga pangyayari.. hahah :)

kristian said...

thanks for sharing the site kaso di ko napanood yung Basketball at Crazy Taxi. Di kasi nag-load. Kainis pero natuwa at natawa ako lalo nas yungsa Japanese Crowd Prank, sa Ghost Girl at Electrocuted.

Dami din tawa ko. haha

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