Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Oh yeah! I finally made a post, my first March 2011 post. Obviously, because this post is in parallel to the title, this post would be unproductive. You guess it right. I'm tired as of now. I actually had an idea for tonight's post, a somewhat-comeback post but I lost the appetite because I'm tired physically, mentally, emotionally and [pls. insert root word]-nally. I started with a great day actually but it turned it to be just short-time when I received my latest quiz result in one of my subjects. It's an Oh-WTF kind of score. I really lost my optimism that time because I thought that that quiz would be my time to "recover" my grade. Well, it turned to be not. I still have the chance to pass that subject only if I get an almost perfect score the next quiz (which I tell you is some kind of only-miracle-can-do-that thing).Anyway, this post will be just short and I have no plans to make another paragraph regardless of how unrelated the sentences are. Bye for now! I hope I can face my blog with a good face the next time. :|

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DENASE said...

I also had that experience. I fucked myself after getting that Oh-WTF kind of score.

good day folk.

ISTAMBAY said...

gudluck chhong... bawi na lang next time... sana makabawi sa sa next quiz :)

kristian said...

@DENASE: As for me and as of now, I don't think I'm in the mood to fuck myself because I'm pretty fucked up with that score. haha

@ISTAMBAY: sana nga lang ay makabawi. Ang nakakalungkot ay ang next quiz ay ang last quiz at para makapasa ako ay dapat kong i-perfect iyon. :( Sana bigla akong tumalino pagka last quiz namin. nyaha

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