Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Megamind" [2010]


03-30-11; 7:48 PM (UTC/GMT + 8:00)

-MEGA! (<-----I never thought I would use that that word can be used as an adjective and I never thought I would use it but oh well I just did.)

From the trailer alone, I already know (who wouldn't?) that this film is about a villain again (remember Despicable Me?). However, I did not figure of how crazy this Megamind guy is. I actually pitied his fate during his childhood. People with cruel childhood often become cruel people.

Also, I knew from the start that he will become a good person in the end. But oh, so much for spoilers. Anyway, I do not really have to say. I just like the film. This is just one of those films wherein some lines are delivered just to break your heart. After all, many cartoon films do that.

I jut love this. I hope there will be a sequel. Who knows, some other evil guy will be infused with Metroman's DNA and ta-daah comes Part 2!

RATING: 10 of 10 stars!

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3 investigated:

Shadow said...

dahil sa review mo panonoorin ko rin yan :)

have a good day!

kristian said...

@shadow: Si ate Bhing to di ba?

Hehe. nice movie talaga siya. Salamat. :D

Bhing said...

Yeah, yours truly ate bhing! hahaha!

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