Friday, February 18, 2011


First and foremost I apologize the people who may happen, by accident, to read this stupid post. I won't be running around the bush anymore. This post is nothing but a rant, a note filled with foul words. (This won't be purely English.)

Yes you're right. Nabwiset talaga ako. Ano, masaya na kayo? Langya, pinagutom niyo pa ako. Pinsakit niyo pa ulo ko. Nasira pa bag ko. If I die of starvation, would you pay for the expenses of my burial? If I survived, would you pay the bills for the expenses in the hospital when I get hyperacidity or worse, ulcer? If I would become dehydrated, do you have the enough water to replace the loss? And last, if darkness is all my eyes would see, CAN you stop me from summoning all the forces? No, right?

You wasted my f*ck*ng time. Ako'y nagdesisyon na hindi nalang umuwi galing sa aking alas kwatrong klase para maging maaga sa dipugang alas siyeteng gawaing iyan kasi isa nga naman DAW kami sa magpepresenta at dahil medyo malayo-layo rin naman ang aming bahay.

Naguba pa ang akong bag. Kung nipauli pa unta ko sa, nailisan pa unta ang akong bag. Wala na unta ko gabakutot ug gunit sa akong bag.

Hindi ako nagsnack kasi alam kong mayroon libreng snack. Hindi ako naghapunan kasi alam ko na hindi naman siguro ganoon katagal matatapos ang taeng show na iyon.

Pero isa pala akong malaking tanga. I used the wrong time zone. I forgot that the time zone they are using is not the UTC/GMT + 8:00 that I have in my watch. I forgot that their clocks are in daylight saving time. How stupid it is of me to have not eaten prior to the event. I know very well that if they're in DTS for sure the show would be til the sun's next rise.

Okay na sana. All's alright with me. I am patient and I can extend my patience. I can wait for some time until it shall be my turn even if without food or water. Oh yes I can do that. I'm a god right? No, I'm not a god. If I am, then there would be some news in the tv about mysterious disappearances in a college event. i must be a demigod by then. I can survive that. I'm like a robot. You don't have to worry my emotions.

Okay, that's sarcastic. BAKA! Do you think that the displacement between our house and that of the event venue is just like a kilometer? Have you ever thought of other people's situations? Not all people are living just a step away from that door. Not all communities have no curfews. And not all the time that there would be vehicles that would drive me back and forth, back and forth, back and forth whenever I want and wherever i want to go.

Did you know that when I received the news that our presentation is canceled, I actually wanted to curse and swear in all of the languages that I know? P*st*ng y*w* mo! D*p*g*! N*mp*ch*! Di Immortales! Ah* kh*r*! *j* d* p*t*! St*rc*m!  Too bad, I am soo tired and so hungry to utter those ill-made words. Too bad I am so bored of watching some stupid performances. Let me be frank, some performances were better off not shown to the people. Trying hard performers. Mahiya kayo sa balat niyo! Talent tawag niyo diyan? So iba na meaning na talent ngayon. Siguro ay hindi ako kagaling kumanta or magperfrom at maaaring walang karapatang mag kritiko. Pero kailangan pa ba talagang walang hiyain ang inyong presentasyon? Kung may ihihigat pa nga ba ang inyong kakayahan ay bakit hindi na i-angat pa ha?

Sana masaya kayo sa ginawa niyo. Sana busog kayo sa mga pagkain niyo. One thing I can say is that I AM TIRED. I have performed already in the Luce Auditorium. I have achieved my goal to perform in Luce. It won't be of matter to me if I won't be performing again. Let's see what shall happen.


(Some of the words are in idioms and in codes. I know that this has no point. But, hey a rant is a rant. Deal with it!) 

Nabwiset jud ko. Unya lipay namu ha?

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goyo said...

Chillax lang. :)

kristian said...

Gutom lang talaga ako siguro noon. haha

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