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Among the 6 Idiots, Who are You?

It took me quite a long time to post this one. I actually planned to make this post few days after watching the Bollywood film "3 Idiots". Obviously, if you have read this post you’d know that it had been probably been not just few days since I watched it because I’m k-kinda bise.

This post by the way is based on the 2009 Bollywood flim “3 Idiots.” If you have seen it already, you must be wondering of who in the universe of the film are the 4th, 5th and 6th idiots. If you haven’t seen it, I guess it’s about time that you really should and I suggest you stop reading now before something awful happens. Ses!

Let me tell you then of who these idiots are. First comes the main characters, Ranchoddas "Rancho" Shamaldas Chanchad /Phunsukh Wangdu, Farhan Qureshi, and Raju Rastogi. But of course, haven’t you thought o others as idiots, too? Like Chatur “The Silencer” Ramalingam , Viru “Virus” Sahastrebuddhe and Suhas?

So who are you among the mentioned ones?

First is Farhan Qureshi. In the film, he is the first character to be introduced who, by the way, is also the narrator of the movie. Even since his still has no knowledge, that is, even since his birth, his fate is already decided by his family which is to become a Mechanical Engineer. Despite having no passion for engineering, he chose to follow his father’s wishes. Little did they know that Farhan’s real passion is photography. He actually planned to mail a letter to a famous photographer to become his assistant but decided to enrol in an engineering school instead. In the course of his college time in the engineering institution he found out that he is not really meant for engineering which is why he always lands the last place during examinations. Are you Farhan who lives what he is told to live, even if means not living his passion and even if it means living in pretense?

Then enter Raju Rastogi . He is the second idiot to be revealed.  He is shown in the movie as a god-fearing man (I don’t who the god he is worshipping to so I had it in lowercase letters). He strives very hard to help his poor family. He wants to become an engineer so that he can help hi mother earn money, he can help for the medications of his paralytic father and so that he can finally buy a car (the dowry being asked by the family of his sister’s fiancĂ©e).  Although he really wants engineering, he still usually lands next to Farhan being second-to-the-last in the exam results. He always fears of the future and is shown to have worn a lot of charms and rings for his luck. The charms however did no help to him. Are you then Raju who although lives his passion in the present yet lives in the constant fear of tomorrow?

Then here comes Ranchoddas "Rancho" Shamaldas Chanchad. He doesn’t just like engineering; he loves it. However, he is usually thrown out of the class because he argues with the stupid teaching of his professors. Albeit that, he still spends his free time to join other classes and believes that even if it is the class that he joined is of higher years he grabs it because it is knowledge. Soon, we discovered that Rancho is not really Rancho. He is actually just a servant in the Chanchad mansion and poses for the real Ranchoddas so that the real Ranchoddas would get an engineering degree. Are you just like Rancho who lives what he loves, loves what he lives whatever it costs him even if it would mean living a lie and losing his identity?

Then, here’s the fourth idiot, Chatur “The Silencer” Ramalingam. In some sense, he is a good student. Ask him to define what a machine is and he would give you the answers a dictionary would tell you yet in reality he doesn’t really understand what a machine is. He knows what he defines yet does not understand it. He just crams himself with book definitions and takes pills from a quack to “absorb” what he read. In result of the pills, he silently produces a big amount of methane gas (joke! It’s actually fart) and hence the nickname “The Silencer.” In one occasion in the film he is to deliver a speech. To impress the director of the institute, he made the school librarian to make it. Because he does not really know how to speak Hindi, he just memorizes the words without knowing that some of the words were actually replaced by Rancho. He is then led to shame because of his ill-written speech. Also, during exams Chatur would slip Men’s Magazines into the rooms of his classmates so as to disturb their studying. He believes that there are two ways to be on top – one is to strive hard and the other is to push others behind.  Do you, just like him, memorizes all that is from the book yet has no understanding of what you memorized? Are you someone who would make it to the top even if it means pulling others down and pushing them behind? So are you Chatur, who no matter what it costs would try to chase success?  

How about the director, Viru “Virus” Sahastrebuddhe? He is the very competitive man behind the success of the ICE (Imperial College of Engineering). This director of the school is obviously an excellent man. However, he lives in the belief that life is a race. If you don’t run fast to chase success, you’d soon be left behind, that is what he believes. He believes that for a person to succeed, one should be like the koel bird who lays eggs into other birds’ nest and pushes down to earth the eggs of the other birds. Are you just like Virus who thinks that life is but a race and that one should run for himself and himself alone?

Or Suhas, maybe?
(Nah, I did not really want to include him.) He is no other a walking price tag. Nothing else matters to him but the price of what he buys. It is like in every conversation that he has he would mention the price of his things. Step on his shoes and he’ll shout to the world that somebody just stepped on his $100, Italian made, hand-woven shoes. Are you just like him, that only money matters to you and nothing but money alone?

I will leave the answer to you. After all, no knows yourself better than you do.

In the film, Farhan soon got the courage to tell his father about his real passion just when he is about to graduate his engineering course. Things turned out well and he succeeded and even if his income is not as big as that of engineer, he is happy for he lived his passion. Raju did not live in constant fear anymore. He landed into a good job and was able to succeed too. Rancho was then revealed to be actually Phunsukh Wangdu, a scientist with 400 patents (whoah! Over-over!).  Chatur? Oh well, he’s just the same idiot thinking that he is already on the top above all others and of Rancho only to discover that Rancho is actually Phunsukh, the scientist whom he wants to close a deal with. Of course, Phunsukh did not sign it. And Virus? I don’t know. Let’s just assume that he changed for the better after he gave Rancho the ever magnificent space pen which is just to be given to a brilliant student. How about Suhas? No, just like Chatur he never changed, still an effin’ walking price tag.

As for me, I have no single answer. I think then that I am like Farhan. I also took an Engineering course but I know deep inside that mathematics is not really something that I am good at. I do not actually see myself as an engineer someday. Nobody actaully forced me to go into engineering but there is nothing else that I'd choose. However, if I would quit engineering, to what course should I shift? Nothing. there is nothing in my mind but engineering. Also, I maybe some kind of like Rancho. I am actually a very curious person but of course, I could not be as smart as him. With Chatur, the only thing we're a bit the same is that I'm kind of bookish but nonetheless I am not like him who has to pull others so that I'd be on top. Moreover, I think then that I am more like of Raju. Although I may appear optimistic (char!) I'm a bit of fearful. I am fearful of what tomorrow may hold yet makes no move so that I am not to fear the future.

You, yes you. How about you? Who are you among the idiots?

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