Sunday, January 9, 2011

The End(?) of Facebook

THE END. *bows*

That is probably the talk of the town now. I could read questions from people regarding this subject. Some people decide to flood the social network by posting this link in their statuses. Others, people like me, decide to tell people of what a hoax this whole thing is.

As what I've said before, I am one of those who tell people of this thing's untruthfulness. I'd like to share some points about this whole thing, some logical some of common sense, even if some don't connect.

First, verify the source.
Check the website. You need to know whether it can be trusted or not, whether this whole is tragedy or sheer travesty. Do you know the site? Does it mean that you should trust it because it seemed like a news website? Of course, you should be sure that the source is reliable and credible. If you simply spread the news because you thought it's one credible source, then your perception might be wrong. You are just like copying the answer from a classmate's sheet. You copy it because you know that this classmate is a smarty one without knowing whether you're copying it correctly or what you're copying is correct. Come on guys, please be responsible.

Second, the source is not credible.
Of course, it's credible! The site is called Weekly World News and it's tagline says it's the world's only reliable source. It's credible enough to be spread to the people, just like the Onion News. Okay, cut the sarcasm. Folks, the two "credible" networks I just mentioned are satirical ones. Need I define satirical?

Third, Facebook is not only about Mark Zuckerberg. 
He's the CEO and president of Facebook right? So he has the right and power to shut down the social network anytime he wishes to. That is a BIG NO! That would probably be true if Zuckerberg is the CEO, the president, the sole investor of his own company, the only one who has share on his own company blablabla. It's like it is easy to cut off a movie if you are the only actor, the only director, the only producer, the only cameraman, and the only staff of your own movie all at the same time. Think about it guys, what about the investors of the social network. The board just decided to shut it down because they felt like it? Again, NO. It's not only Zuckerberg or the Fb's Vice President of Technical Affairs who will lose a tower of dollars. Have you forgotten about the facebook games? The -Villes, the -Wars, and all others? You think the games were put into facebook for free just because you had it for free? Think about it.

Fourth, Facebook is not only about Mark Zuckerberg (again).
Yes, me, you, us, we. The users, of course. If this is deemed to be true, I'm pretty sure there would be a movement. Probably not as noisy as the street rallies. Maybe it will be seen in news that Zuckerberg has received a bunch of death threats or probably computer viruses. Think about the gazillion users of facebook. The number should be enough to make a world history. Gosh, forget what I've said. I've been stressed too much.

Fifth, Facebook is not that lazy.
Okay, I'm talking now about the people behind facebook, the company. Zuck's name seems too long and is very populous in this post. If Facebook is to end, why do we have to know it through a website powered by If facebook is truly coming to an end, we the users should be informed before it shall be in the news.

Sixth, Facebook is not the only social network.
This is for those who truly believes that the social network will meet its end. For those who feels miserable about it, don't be so. After all there will be another social network the world will crave for.

Seventh, why March 15?
I am still puzzled of the date as of now. I think it better that it should be May 14, the birthday of the social network's CEO and president. But doing so might turn his supposed-to-be happiest day of his life to the most horrible day of his entire life if you consider Four. haha. Also, it should better be December 21 2012 or maybe on the Dec 22nd. That would create more publicity. haha. (This paragraph seems pointless..Let me laugh again..hahaha)

Be a responsible user. Be tactful of what you are to share.

P.S. I must have been quite irritated with this thing. After all I still felt that I should tell the truth of this. Whew! I'm quite relieved. I still have to study and this thing should trouble me not.

May we find the courage to forget our facebook life and soon find another social network to flood. haha.. lo..Don't take this seriously please..just found this tombstone generator here.

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poot said...

I hope this is not true. Goodbye world kung ganun. Lol. Just kidding!

Anyway, ano palang name mo sa FB? Di ko mahanap eh.

ki-ris-ti-yan said...

malaking kawalan talaga...haha..pero hindi naman totoo so ok lang..

"Kristian Forest" pala name ko sa FB..:)

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