Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Wedding Song

I am about to have this post entitled "The Wedding Singer" but I don't want to have an issue of copyright right infringement regarding the 1988 film "The Wedding Singer." Oh well this post is not really about the wedding singer but more of the song. Who's wedding? Of course not mine. It's my cousin's. That up to now is still an unanswerable question.

My mom kind of wanted me to be part of the wedding because it's only me among the family who is not (except for my dad who is "abroad"). Mom wants me "sing for the wedding of my cousin" and oh yes, a wedding singer. She must have forgotten that I have this atmokinetic voice which has enough power to summon the forces of the thunder and lightning, soon afterward the people in hearing distance shall be crouch to their knees in pain after hearing my sonokinetic voice. Nah, that was just a joke, a lame one I got from my imaginations. haha. I may have been a member in choir(s) and have been able to epically (new word? haha) sing in a duet for some time but I have never thought myself as a great singer. you can probably ask me about songs, but please spare your ears and do not ask me give a demonstration.

Also, aside from my epic singing skills I also have this curse. It seems that if I help or do something for a couple it usually ends up bad. During my high school, a friend asked me to create a poem for his "prospect". the poem was quite nice I think for it was an acrostic but soon it took me time to find out that he was "busted." I also made an acrostic poem for a female friend (which is actually for her bf). Soon, they ended up breaking when I was in college. When I was in college I was quite careful about it although it's not really something to be believed in. I made ambigrams of couples, in one way it reads the male's name and when you turn it upside down read the female's. That time I made it for couples made of "joke". Those of which whom we just tease. But I was too fond of myself that I made another ambigram for a couple (though they did not know it). Just last year, they kind of had a "cool off". Well, I don't really believe in them and there's no way someone could've given me such curse. But it really is something that pisses me off. That's is why I'm in second mind of singing for the wedding.

Anyway my mom has confidence in me and I also want to offer a song for my cousin and at least be part of his very special day. I should think not of the things that are of the negative side. There's no way that I have some dark power ayt? Even though I had that certain "drive" I'm still confused of what to sing if I really am to sing. I find it better to be in duet though.

I had this list of wedding songs which I found to be interesting and may be "singable":

"When God Made You" by Philip Grant and Natalie Grant
"Thank God I Found You" by Mariah Carey feat Joe and 98 degrees
"Grow Old With You" by Adam Sandler (from the film "The Wedding Singer")
"I Wanna Grow Old With You" by Westlife
"When You Say You Love Me" by Josh Groban
"From This Moment" by Shania Twain
"At the Beginning" by Donna Lewis and Richard Marx (from the film "Anastasia")
"Heaven" by Bryan Adams
"I Could Not Ask For More" by Edwin McCain
"I Do Cherish You" by 98 degrees
"Endless Love"
"Butterfly Kisses"
"I Finally Found Someone"
"Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko"
"Gaano Kita Kamahal"
On This Day"
"One Love" by Acel Bisa
"Panunumpa" by Carol Banawa
"Way Back Into Love"
"Never Say Goodye" by Martin Nievera
"I'll Never Say Goodbye"
"Cherish the Treasure"

Hai..I hope I can choose a good song for my cousin.

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Grace de Castro said...

wow, parang may "curse" ka pa la ha! he he!

anyway, don't think about it much. if you have the voice, go and sing. i'm sure your cousin will appreciate it!

thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

you have a lot of choices there and i say just sing your heart out! kayang-kaya mo yan, naka naman!

kris‧tian said...

Daming choices nga. Marami kasi hindi ko alam kung alin ang babagay, both for my cousin and for my voice. haha.

@Grace de Castro:
Parang ganun na nga. Ganyan ako ka-paranoid.

@both of you:
I think hindi na ako ang kakanta. Thank God! haha.Thanks for the encouragement anyway.

roj said...

So kamusta na ang kasal? Did you sing? :D:D hahaah! i-record na lang.. then i-post diri sa blog nimo :D

kris‧tian said...

wala kay naa na man diay sila nakuha nga singer. and oh unya ra ko magpost2x ug vid (basooon!) kung pare-pareha nako ka maayu mukanta ni KR. haha..peace roj. :D

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