Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Usually every week, the weekly of our university, The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS, yes they stylized 't' in lowercase) publishes their publication (so redundant me). Of course that means like every time they publish it, I would get a copy too whatever it takes.

I just did not realize though that I am not alone, that some college students are like me who try to get a copy of the weekly periodical by hook or by crook, whether rain or shine. I had been in this university for almost two years and that was the same amount of time it took me to realize that. During my fresh years in the college, I have never noticed such behavior of people. I usually notice the tWS papers being used by students as a substitute for umbrella, for rags, for table mats, and for tissue papers. Some of the worst scenarios is seeing the newspaper lying in the school grounds. Yes, literally lying, face-up, face-down, and worse crumpled and left in the road(s) of the school.

My point here may seem weird for some but I stand to what I think and I believe. I just do not like the idea of stuffing the weekly periodical, have it crumpled and be left on streets, just because they have paid it already. I have been an editor in my high school paper and I knew very well the feeling of seeing your own paper, from blood and sweat, having been left on top of trash bins or left crumpled on streets. It is like you were so happy to bake a cake for a person only to realize and discover that that person threw your cake in the bin. It's like somebody just wasted your energy. But oh well, I think the writers of the publication have gotten over it. After all, they always see the newspaper-in-trash-can scenario.

Anyway, I will not talk much of that. I just found a week ago that there still are some students who want to get a copy of this publication. It was lunch time and I found out that a new issue had been published. I do not want to just borrow a copy; I want one! Immediately I searched for one and because I am not sure whether the issue were displayed in all the newspaper stands already, I just proceeded to their office. No, no tWS' office, just in front of it. I am very sure that there are copies in the news stand near it and I was not wrong. Because I do not want to borrow a copy, of course I do not want to lend my copy too before I could read it. I just got a bunch of copies so that my friends in the cafeteria will not have to borrow from me. I thought the newspapers I brought were too much, but it was actually just enough for them.

I appeared like a newspaper boy at that time, delivering the publication to my friends. Meanwhile another group of friends nearby saw me and they seemed to not know that there had been a new issue. Soon enough they asked me of where I got the copies and so I told them.

Another incident was a while ago. We had class at 10AM, the usual time the new issues will be delivered. We were already inside the classroom, one which is almost adjacent to a newspaper stand but still no new issues. While our good teacher (sir, plus points if you read this. I just said that you're good.haha) was discussing, a classmate of mine who was seated near the door, suddenly rushed outside. I thought it was nothing. Oh it was just the paper. Wait! New issue? Of course, I followed too. I went outside just to get the new issue. Good thing though that our teacher did not mind. haha

There really still are some people who are fond of news and probably those who want to know of what in earth the school is happening around them. Anyway, the publication will not continue to publish anymore if there won't be any readers which I still find to be impossible. How stupid it is of me to think of it that no people are like me. Of course there are!

Anyway, I think this post is pointless. It seems like I am trying to hit two birds without actually hitting any. Do no bother much. I just have to write something for a post. haha

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