Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Sherlock Holmes" [2009]

"Sherlock Holmes"

01-08-11, 12:18 AM (UTC +8.00)

-Nice film! I'm not really fond of Sherlock Holmes, even in the books, because he's way too smart for me. I cannot guess the method and I suck at deduction while he is an expert at deduction. The only thing here which my mind could have a toil is trying to guess of who the other "people" are and trying to guess some part of the plot.


At least I guessed it right that Lord Coward is an accomplice, that there was something in Amb. Standish's clothes,body or gun which made him be engulfed in flames once he pulls the gun's trigger, that Lord Blackwood never died in the beginning of the film because he used some form of physics stuff and not magic, and that Lord Blackwood never used magic or dark arts in his crimes because there never was magic in the film.

Pero LOADING jud au ko sa mga methods. haha

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