Friday, January 21, 2011

Recalling the Cartoon Invasion

I just remembered about the cartoon invasion in Facebook. It was (probably) a worldwide event in Facebook. It had been a month since this invasion has taken the world by storm but it is just now that I was enlightened about its main existence.

I have already noticed that some of my friends changed their profile pictures into cartoon characters and with my good stalking researching skills I managed to know why. It was about changing your profile picture to your favorite cartoon character to help in campaigning against child violence. I did not follow with flow because I doubted it. Not long enough I received a message from a friend. This is what the message says:
"Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same, for the NSPCC. Until Monday (December 6th), there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories This is a campaign to stop violence against children."

Upon receiving the message, I still seemed skeptical about it. But because she is special to me, I just followed anyway. Below is the picture of the first cartoon profile pic I had with respect to the message.

Pretty much not about violence heh?
I could not really remember having a favorite cartoon character when I was young. All I could really reminisce is that I used to like Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse just because everybody else does. But since I have a Leonardo stuff toy, I deduced that he must be my favorite when I was still very young. Well, that stufy is still with me and is actually the same age with me! I just pity him though, let along the dust that blankets him, because he used to be a cute toy. Now you he lost a lot--his blue belt, an eye, his sword. In totality, he lost his handsomeness. haha. After all my mom also told me that every time TMNT would be showing in the t.v., I would be laughing.

Anyway, I just found the message to be not credible. I mean, I am not accusing my friend of being a fake. It may be just she fell onto it. I changed my profile picture to a cartoon character mainly not because of the message. The message was just like the button which prompted to change. The main reason is, and I admit although embarrassing, is that I do not have a lot of pictures of myself. The cartoon invasion was mainly an excuse for me.

Oh, much about that. Have I just said that I found the purpose of the campaign to be false? Even though I have already watched a video about it, still I was unmoved by my belief. I just don't see the connection of a cartoon character with the campaign against child violence. Does it mean then that if you have a Pikachu profile pic, you now are against child violence? I just do not think so. In my perspective the that person must be an otaku and a pokemon addict. The video already told me somehow the supposed-to-be connection, that if you hurt kids they won't be harmed as long as they're cartoons because they would just bounce. The bottom-line of the video says that "Real kids don't bounce."

But still I do not see how those two concepts (cartoon character and campaign against child violence) could be connected. I would rather believe that this whole thing is just about a recollection of childhood memories and not about child violence. They just don't fit to me. They just have something in common, that is, childhood. But that should not mean that they go in one direction. They are like two tangent lines. They just meet at exactly one point. Beyond that point they do not meet.

I opened this idea to my classmates and without luck I did not persist. they were so sure about the connection of the concepts. It had just been now that I was able to be enlightened about this thing. Speculations about this thing is that the "changing of profile pic into cartoon characters for campaign against child violence" is a total hoax, a fake. Here's what I got from the net:

"A seemingly harmless Facebook fad that surfaced in mid-November with members urging one another to replace their profile pictures with cartoon characters somehow morphed into a serious crusade against child abuse, which in turn seems to have triggered a bizarre backlash in the form of a rumor claiming the whole idea was created by pedophiles." [link here]

Although it still is a rumor, I just think that this one is more believable compared to the said purpose of campaigning against child violence. But well after all it's just a rumor and it's just from another blog, right? But what if...

"No one has come forward to claim responsibility for the campaign. The NSPCC posted the following statement on its Twitter page: ‘Although the NSPCC did not originate the childhood cartoon Facebook campaign, we welcome the attention it has brought to the work we do.' " [link here]

Oh! I hope I could post a link to the NSPCC twitter page but I have no twitter. The said NSPCC (short for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) is said to be the charity behind the cartoon invasion. But then,they did not claim it. Who could be the ones responsible of the cartoon invasion?

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Grace de Castro said...

wala ako facebook, so im a bit clueless about the "instruction.' he he!

cartoons will always be a part of our lives...di man natin alam o aminin. imagine na lang the influence that mickey mouse has! he he!

thanks for dropping by!


kris‧tian said...

and oh yeah, they will always be part of our lives. Even at the present, I'm till fond of them kahit na hindi na matatawag na bata. haha

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