Saturday, January 1, 2011

From the Shelf: "Mrs. McGinty's Dead" (also "Blood Will Tell") by Agatha Christie

"Mrs. McGinty's Dead" (also "Blood Will Tell")
by Agatha Christie

"Mrs. McGinty's Dead" (also "Blood Will Tell")
by Agatha Christie

Date and time finished reading:
01-01-11 FTW!!!; exactly 2:15 PM (UTC +8.00)

-Okay. Late post. I just finished because I still have lots of stuffs to do which I should have actually done/finished in the whole vacation. Obviously I forgot them.

This one's so awesome! Nothing can be more awesome than a book wherein you somehow knew what's going to happen. No, I did no mean the spoiled plot thing. The one I'm referring to is when some of your assumptions were put into reality by the book (at least only in the book). Well, not really all of my theories were right though. I was just kind of right because the murderer in the book is actually the one in my mind which I thought was a lame idea. Also, the other mystery involved in this story coincided with my assumption no.3. Not bad at all.

Anyway, if you happen to read this do not be stumped of the "other" murders. They just make a twist in the plot.

Anyway (again) if you want to read this, you can:
a. search for this book in bookstores hoping one of your bookstore list has a copy of it
b. download an ebook, the most convenient-to-the-pocket-yet-the-most-inconvenient-to-the-eyes way
c. borrow from your local library..blessed are you if you find it
d. borrow from Weng just like what I did..lewl..:DD

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Hey Christian! (I hope I got the spelling right)

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ki-ris-ti-yan said...

Actually, it's Kristian but it's ok anyway because I did not display my name in that way.

You're welcome. :D

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