Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Lesson of Right minus Wrong

What a day! Just had a dose of two exams and I still kind of cannot recover with them. But what really bothered me most was the exam I took last morning. In the morning I had an exam in my major subject and oh cr*p, it's right minus wrong. By that it means that the test taker should be very sure of his/her answers and if not, t.y. jud.

In our case, the tests I, II and III were 2 points each. Because it's right minus wrong, that means that:
  • If you answer the correct answer, then you have a plus of 2 points.
  • If you your answer is wrong, you get minus 2 points.
  • If you displayed no answer, you neither gain nor lose any point.
In a regular or a test that is not right minus wrong it's like this:

  • If you answer the correct answer, then you have a plus of 2 points.
  • If you your answer is wrong, you get no point.
  • If you displayed no answer, you still get no point.
See the difference? So if you are not in full confidence with your answer, you better yet not give an answer. It's not the typical type of test so there's this probability that you might get a negative score which I'm so sure nobody wants to have.

But with me? I still took some risks. I still have the thought of "at least I answered." I tried to answer everything even if some of them I am not quite sure with my answers. I tried with all of what I can grasp from the knowledge I have, using every possible logical reason I can to eliminate choices.

It really was a tiring job in my mind. I knew that I am not alone. After the exam, me and my classmates began discussing our answers and the hassle of this peculiar test policy. Some asking another of their answers, some correcting the answers of another, some groaning of what a fool they had been to not know the answer, and some--oh well, just shocked and tongue-tied. I fall to all of those categories except for the tongue-tied thing.

In this type of test, I just learned a lesson not just the academic lessons we learned from our teacher and our sleepless nights but a life lesson one could apply. I learned that in life, one ought to make choices, and sometimes ought to take risks. Just like in the test, you will either choose to do something which has two possible effects [a positive and a negative] or just sit there and do nothing. Also, one should not just reflect of taking risks. One should reflect whether the risks are wort taking or not.

Whoah! I just kind of relieved myself and trying to think of the positive side of this thing. Now, I am waiting to receive the negative side. Wew! Please sir, maawa ka sa amin!

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Robert Z. Cortes said...

I believe that right-minus-wrong is foolish and discourages people from developing the habit of taking risks. You're lucky that you defied that fear and went on with "guessing." Since making good guesses is a life skill, teachers ought to encourage it even in their classes and tests, not discourage it through this draconian and irrational practice. "Guessing" the right answer is perfectly compatible with studying well for exams since, after all, students cannot possible study TOO well such that they can already predict ALL of the teacher's questions: it's a lousy teacher who gives such kinds of exams.

Anyway, if you want to improve as a writer, I suggest a very good manual: Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style." Purchase one - it's a very good investment.

By the way, I'm Cebuano myself.

kristian said...

I agree with you with Mr. Cortes. Not all students could have known all of the answers to the exam's questions. I find this type of exam as very cruel as it provides students the fear of having a wrong answer and the fear of having no answer at all.

And oh thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I'd look for that in our nearest bookstore this summer. Too bad the nearest one's kind of a bit far. haha. That's ironic.

Good to find other Bisayas out here in blogosphere. Actually I'm not Cebuano. I'm Negrense. :)

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