Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just had some sort of word fight with a friend. At least we did not have face-to-face, just in facebook. I bet I can't do that to him face-to-face. It's not some sort of fight really. I am not particularly sure though of who between the two of us lighted the fire. At least (again?!) now the smoke's some kind of gone.

This friend of mine which I shall hide in the name of Vince. We were not really that close in the whole duration of my high school life. it was only until my senior year that we quite had a bond. Actually, there had been five of us. I still think though that I am the one who is not very close either of the four. All of us but me are online gamers. I am also a gamer but I do not invest my time going to internet shops to play DoTA, Rose, WarCraft, Flyff and blablabla. I know very well that I am very easy to get addicted to playing them once I'll be exposed to online gaming. Anyway, here's the story.

We had a conversion via the comments in a certain post in facebook. That post do not belong to either the two us. We just commented. I was not the first to comment but I commented earlier before Vince did. I started a joke in the comment until a few of my friends followed. Vince, as being a zany as he is, opened a nasty joke. I'm not sure if it's nasty but it sure is dark and not green or dirty. Because of that, I tried to challenge him by telling him to "define" the word he was saying. By doing such, he might be challenged as well having his own words negate to his won words! It was simply because he was using the word in its completely opposite meaning. Of course, he negated it by trying to have my statement backfire against me. Proud as I am and having my ego hurt, I bombarded my point in English. How dare of him belittle my English skills! (The dialect we used by the way was our native tongue. It was I who made statements in English.) Of course I ad to do with English.

But i did not quite expect that he would back off right away. I was thankful that he did or else I do not know of what our future shall be. Vince asked if that is a battle of the brain and said that he quit. He stated that he'd rather be a fool to the eyes of our friends than lose a friend. Wow! I did not quite expected those words from him. I mean, we had been friends but I did not really realize that he made an importance out of it. He does not seem to care of friendship at all. I was quite wrong with my judgment after all. After that I just replied a joke and an apology of the hurting words I said.

Well, I still did not know who started it. It might be him because he dared to belittle me. It might be me because I bit the bait. Anyway, our friendship was restored I think.

Also, there is no title. I can't think of one.

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