Sunday, January 30, 2011

"3 Idiots" [2009]

"3 Idiots"

01-29-11, between 6-8PM, not sure (UTC +8.00)

-Saw this movie in the net but did not really bother to watch not until some of my friends recommended it. they say it's about engineering (the course which I've taken, soon to be changed..haha) so curiosity caught me.

Well, although the setting is in an engineering college, I do not believe that it is really about engineering. No, it is more about living life and lessons which can be applied whatever course you are taking in college. It is success that will chase you and not you who will chase success. Live what you love and love what you live. Live not what people tell you to live. Live in the presence of the present, with the memories of the past but fear not the future for if you shall, then of what use is your present then?

Those are just some of the life lessons I learned form that film. Kind of makes me realize that I am more like the guy named Raju in the film.

So much for that. I'm quite tired. I think a need a 7-minute power nap. haha. Be posting more of this soon.

MY RATING: 10 of 10

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empi said...

hmmm... interesting yan ah.

kris‧tian said...

thanks. Maganda talaga ang movie, although kailangan talaga ng english subtitles kasi Hindi ang language at mukhang walang ibang version..

ngayon ko lang din na-realize na marami palang mali sa post kong ito..haha

mikhaelangel said...

Cool man.. i'll check this out. Movie is just like life. Learning is inevitable. Anyway, please let me insert a link here. You would really help me meet my quota. .Thanks!

- Happiness

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