Sunday, January 30, 2011

"3 Idiots" [2009]

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"3 Idiots"

01-29-11, between 6-8PM, not sure (UTC +8.00)

-Saw this movie in the net but did not really bother to watch not until some of my friends recommended it. they say it's about engineering (the course which I've taken, soon to be changed..haha) so curiosity caught me.

Well, although the setting is in an engineering college, I do not believe that it is really about engineering. No, it is more about living life and lessons which can be applied whatever course you are taking in college. It is success that will chase you and not you who will chase success. Live what you love and love what you live. Live not what people tell you to live. Live in the presence of the present, with the memories of the past but fear not the future for if you shall, then of what use is your present then?

Those are just some of the life lessons I learned form that film. Kind of makes me realize that I am more like the guy named Raju in the film.

So much for that. I'm quite tired. I think a need a 7-minute power nap. haha. Be posting more of this soon.

MY RATING: 10 of 10

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recurring Trauma

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I don't know if this thing is what one could call as recurring but I just felt like it's the word that I could find that would fit with what I'm feeling right now. Oh yeah, cr*p, I can;t believe I still have that fear. To begin with, I shall somewhat narrate of how this eerie feeling began (again?).

I had this friend of mine whose real name I shall not disclose (although if my folks happen to read this, they sure are gonna) and that I shall hide in the code name of Kate. And oh (to my malisyosong friends), she's just a friend, nothing more, nothing less. I just mentioned her because I wanted to (nah, of course there's significance. Read further).

What happened to her explains why she was absent the whole Friday (last Jan 21, 2011) even though we are scheduled to have a test during that day. Of course, it was very far from our my speculation--that she had that monthly regular fever (That's in code by the way. What else could happen to a woman monthly?). That (fever) is what she said the reason why she was absent the last she was so I speculated that oh maybe she had a visit again. But this time is different.

We even kind of made fun of her about the reason of her absence. But we then became quiet when she told our teacher that she was actually absent because she was STABBED. And yes, I should had in bold letters for significance. She was stabbed just below the center of her chest. She even showed us just some part of the bandage/plaster(dunno what it really is called) but of course just partially. You know, the wound is below the chest. There's no way she should show it. But anyway we still believed her. It's not a thing that one can lie. After all she was hospitalized so I don't think there could be way she should make up some story.

And anyway (back to the story), she told us of what happened. Somebody or somebodies, should I say, broke in to their boarding house. It would not be so scary only if those two guys did not break into her room which was on the 3rd floor. She said she did not recognize the thieves as some of her acquaintances but she saw their faces. She is sure that if she sees their faces again, she could point out that they are the men who broke into her room. She said that the one guy (thief1) is good looking and seems like a drug addict while the other (thief2) is not good looking. She actually had a roommate but at that time, she is alone. That is probably why the thief1 attempted to rape he. That is what she thought because the thief1 dragged her out of her room to the 3rd floor comfort room. She shouted for help and that is perhaps why thief1 stabbed her in the chest because he is sensing a presence coming.

Until now she has no idea of how on earth the thieves could've broken into the boarding house. With respect to how they were able to break into her room, she had a speculation that one of them entered her room through the hollow part above her door and then opened the door for the other to enter. She said she was able to wake up because they originally had set a trap(well it's not really a trap. it's just an alarm). She posted a chair beside the door and an alkansiya (a piggy bank) so that if the door would be opened the chair would create be moved and the piggy bank will fall thus creating a squeak and a noise.

She also said that she could really see their faces because the lights were one. An incident already happened prior to the incident. She said that that incident was the explanation of her first absence in our class. She told us that the lights were of but she could remember the face. she was awoken by the sound of somebody moving or checking on her things. The guy tried to force her and threatened her that he has a knife. But she was quick enough to realize that the guy is not bringing any weapon so she awakened her roommate sleeping on the deck above her. The guy then fled. She told us later that the guy who tried to rape her once is the same guy in the first incident, the thief1.

Just thank God because the stab did not hit any vital organ and only her cellphone (the one with flashlight) was stolen. Just strange though that her other cellular phone wasn't stolen. Our assumption is that the thievery is a whole fake. It was just probably just a pretext and his intentions were not to steal anything but just to fulfill his lustful desire to our poor classmate.

The narration of her story happened last Monday. Last Monday evening, I think I brought the feeling of fear from her story. Somebody or somebodies (my sister only saw one) broke into our house some years ago. What were stolen are the car and house keys and my mom's bag including her cell phone and an amount of cash. The person who probably should be experiencing trauma is my sister. She was awaken because one heaven-sent friend of hers greeted her a "Good Morning" at 4 am. She saw a human silhouette on her doorway. She could not figure out if it's a man or woman because the lights were off and the lights outside the house were off, too. It took her such a long time to figure out that that figure could not be that of my mother or mine and therefore an intruder. I could not really recall what happened to her. All that is fresh in my mind is that I think I could've prevented the robbery. I was the one who slept last and late (probably, 1-2am) at that time. As I went out of the room to go to the living room to somewhat watch tv first, I heard some scratching sounds near the kitchen. I thought at that time that some stray cat was scratching again our kitchen screen door. After the robbery, only did then I realized that the scratching sounds were not that of a cat. It was surely that of someone trying to destroy the screen door. He was probably attempting to open the second door by destroying first the screen door.

Until now, I could still fell the trauma. Last Monday, I studied in my room and soon fell asleep. I became suddenly awake at 12 am something with my lights still turned on. At that time, my hairs were raising. I felt the wind's coldness and became really afraid because I just felt that there is another unnecessary presence and perhaps an intruder. That is why I immediately went out of my room, turned all the lights then checked the locks and the windows and tried to feel the atmosphere whether there really was another presence. Turning on the lights and making sounds is said to alarm intruders so I made a coughing noise. Sigh! I felt relieved. The experience of Kate seemed to bring back that fear.

Again I felt another eerie feeling just this early morning. I just heard my mom complaining outside of somebody something not doing something about the lights. The mere mention of the lights and doing nothing about it arouse me from my slumber. I got up suddenly and went out of the room only to realize that what my mom was talking about is that we forgot to turn off some of the lights outside the house so as to conserve electricity.

I never felt that feeling would be back again. It's just like a dream, no no, more of  nightmare actually. the trauma is recurring. I think I need counseling. I think I need a psychologist or worse, psychiatrist. Oh no, I pray I'm not that crazy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

From the Shelf: "The Hollow" (also "Murder After Hours") by Agatha Christie

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"The Hollow" (also "Murder After Hours")
by Agatha Christie

"Lady Angkatell, intrigued by the criminal mind, has invited Hercule Poirot to her estate for a weekend house party. The Belgian detective's arrival at the Hollow is met with an elaborate tableau staged for his amusement: a doctor lies in a puddle of red paint, his timid wife stands over his body with a gun while the other guests look suitably shocked. But this is no charade. The paint is blood and the corpse real!"
-from Agatha Christie's site

01-23-11; time range between 5:40-5:55 PM (UTC +8.00)

-It indeed took me a long time to finish this book. It wasn't thick though. I just did not find it so interesting. The fact is, the point of interest here lies not in the beginning pages. It would take you about two-thirds of the book to get you interested about it. But if you finish it, you'd soon realize the importance of the seems-not-important long chapters before the death.

Anyway, i scored this a 9 though because some of my theories were right. It almost stumped upon reaching the last chapters because I did not have the slightest idea, even a lame one, of who the real murderer is. But I was right after all that the people, most of them, knew who the murderer/murderess is and they just played one good deal of playing with the police--for the evidences to point to nothingness.

Also, I was quite right about the dead's last words--that it is something so urgent, something he wants to tell to a person and that, concerns not of his killer.

MY RATING: 9.5 of 10 stars!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Recalling the Cartoon Invasion

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I just remembered about the cartoon invasion in Facebook. It was (probably) a worldwide event in Facebook. It had been a month since this invasion has taken the world by storm but it is just now that I was enlightened about its main existence.

I have already noticed that some of my friends changed their profile pictures into cartoon characters and with my good stalking researching skills I managed to know why. It was about changing your profile picture to your favorite cartoon character to help in campaigning against child violence. I did not follow with flow because I doubted it. Not long enough I received a message from a friend. This is what the message says:
"Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same, for the NSPCC. Until Monday (December 6th), there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories This is a campaign to stop violence against children."

Upon receiving the message, I still seemed skeptical about it. But because she is special to me, I just followed anyway. Below is the picture of the first cartoon profile pic I had with respect to the message.

Pretty much not about violence heh?
I could not really remember having a favorite cartoon character when I was young. All I could really reminisce is that I used to like Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse just because everybody else does. But since I have a Leonardo stuff toy, I deduced that he must be my favorite when I was still very young. Well, that stufy is still with me and is actually the same age with me! I just pity him though, let along the dust that blankets him, because he used to be a cute toy. Now you he lost a lot--his blue belt, an eye, his sword. In totality, he lost his handsomeness. haha. After all my mom also told me that every time TMNT would be showing in the t.v., I would be laughing.

Anyway, I just found the message to be not credible. I mean, I am not accusing my friend of being a fake. It may be just she fell onto it. I changed my profile picture to a cartoon character mainly not because of the message. The message was just like the button which prompted to change. The main reason is, and I admit although embarrassing, is that I do not have a lot of pictures of myself. The cartoon invasion was mainly an excuse for me.

Oh, much about that. Have I just said that I found the purpose of the campaign to be false? Even though I have already watched a video about it, still I was unmoved by my belief. I just don't see the connection of a cartoon character with the campaign against child violence. Does it mean then that if you have a Pikachu profile pic, you now are against child violence? I just do not think so. In my perspective the that person must be an otaku and a pokemon addict. The video already told me somehow the supposed-to-be connection, that if you hurt kids they won't be harmed as long as they're cartoons because they would just bounce. The bottom-line of the video says that "Real kids don't bounce."

But still I do not see how those two concepts (cartoon character and campaign against child violence) could be connected. I would rather believe that this whole thing is just about a recollection of childhood memories and not about child violence. They just don't fit to me. They just have something in common, that is, childhood. But that should not mean that they go in one direction. They are like two tangent lines. They just meet at exactly one point. Beyond that point they do not meet.

I opened this idea to my classmates and without luck I did not persist. they were so sure about the connection of the concepts. It had just been now that I was able to be enlightened about this thing. Speculations about this thing is that the "changing of profile pic into cartoon characters for campaign against child violence" is a total hoax, a fake. Here's what I got from the net:

"A seemingly harmless Facebook fad that surfaced in mid-November with members urging one another to replace their profile pictures with cartoon characters somehow morphed into a serious crusade against child abuse, which in turn seems to have triggered a bizarre backlash in the form of a rumor claiming the whole idea was created by pedophiles." [link here]

Although it still is a rumor, I just think that this one is more believable compared to the said purpose of campaigning against child violence. But well after all it's just a rumor and it's just from another blog, right? But what if...

"No one has come forward to claim responsibility for the campaign. The NSPCC posted the following statement on its Twitter page: ‘Although the NSPCC did not originate the childhood cartoon Facebook campaign, we welcome the attention it has brought to the work we do.' " [link here]

Oh! I hope I could post a link to the NSPCC twitter page but I have no twitter. The said NSPCC (short for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) is said to be the charity behind the cartoon invasion. But then,they did not claim it. Who could be the ones responsible of the cartoon invasion?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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Usually every week, the weekly of our university, The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS, yes they stylized 't' in lowercase) publishes their publication (so redundant me). Of course that means like every time they publish it, I would get a copy too whatever it takes.

I just did not realize though that I am not alone, that some college students are like me who try to get a copy of the weekly periodical by hook or by crook, whether rain or shine. I had been in this university for almost two years and that was the same amount of time it took me to realize that. During my fresh years in the college, I have never noticed such behavior of people. I usually notice the tWS papers being used by students as a substitute for umbrella, for rags, for table mats, and for tissue papers. Some of the worst scenarios is seeing the newspaper lying in the school grounds. Yes, literally lying, face-up, face-down, and worse crumpled and left in the road(s) of the school.

My point here may seem weird for some but I stand to what I think and I believe. I just do not like the idea of stuffing the weekly periodical, have it crumpled and be left on streets, just because they have paid it already. I have been an editor in my high school paper and I knew very well the feeling of seeing your own paper, from blood and sweat, having been left on top of trash bins or left crumpled on streets. It is like you were so happy to bake a cake for a person only to realize and discover that that person threw your cake in the bin. It's like somebody just wasted your energy. But oh well, I think the writers of the publication have gotten over it. After all, they always see the newspaper-in-trash-can scenario.

Anyway, I will not talk much of that. I just found a week ago that there still are some students who want to get a copy of this publication. It was lunch time and I found out that a new issue had been published. I do not want to just borrow a copy; I want one! Immediately I searched for one and because I am not sure whether the issue were displayed in all the newspaper stands already, I just proceeded to their office. No, no tWS' office, just in front of it. I am very sure that there are copies in the news stand near it and I was not wrong. Because I do not want to borrow a copy, of course I do not want to lend my copy too before I could read it. I just got a bunch of copies so that my friends in the cafeteria will not have to borrow from me. I thought the newspapers I brought were too much, but it was actually just enough for them.

I appeared like a newspaper boy at that time, delivering the publication to my friends. Meanwhile another group of friends nearby saw me and they seemed to not know that there had been a new issue. Soon enough they asked me of where I got the copies and so I told them.

Another incident was a while ago. We had class at 10AM, the usual time the new issues will be delivered. We were already inside the classroom, one which is almost adjacent to a newspaper stand but still no new issues. While our good teacher (sir, plus points if you read this. I just said that you're good.haha) was discussing, a classmate of mine who was seated near the door, suddenly rushed outside. I thought it was nothing. Oh it was just the paper. Wait! New issue? Of course, I followed too. I went outside just to get the new issue. Good thing though that our teacher did not mind. haha

There really still are some people who are fond of news and probably those who want to know of what in earth the school is happening around them. Anyway, the publication will not continue to publish anymore if there won't be any readers which I still find to be impossible. How stupid it is of me to think of it that no people are like me. Of course there are!

Anyway, I think this post is pointless. It seems like I am trying to hit two birds without actually hitting any. Do no bother much. I just have to write something for a post. haha

Mga Hirit ni Michael (Taglish Version)

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Mayroon akong kaibigan na itatago natin sa pangalang Michael Libosada. Pareho kami ng kinuhang kurso sa kolehiyo kung kaya't marami-rami na rin ng kanyang mga LOL na hirit ang aking naririnig. Yung tipong nagsasalita siya nang seryoso tapos hindi niya namamalayan na may MALAKING mali pala sa sinabi niya.

Ang nasa ilalim ay ilan lamang sa mga ito.

BABALA: Ang mga nasa sumusunod ay may temang maaaring hindi angkop sa mga batang manonood loading kung mag-isip. Patnubay ng magulang iyong sentido kumon ang kailangan. (Ilan ay inedit ko kuno kasi hindi ko masyadong maatandaan).

Michael (nagsca-scan sa Bible, nagbabasa kunway ng mga parabulo at mga katulad)

Weng: (napansin ang ginagawa ni Michael) Hala, Mike pareha tayo ng topic [sa Rel subject].
Michael: Religion 22 na yung kinuha mo ngayon noh? Ahw oh NEW COMMANDMENTS kasi yan.
CLASSMATES: (isang walang humpay na tawanan at sila ay nag-HAHAHA^n where n=)
*Mike, nag-iimbento ka na naman ng bagong subject? New Testament + Ten Commandments (sa Old Testament)?

Kami nina Michael at Jojelyn ay nag-uusap sa University cafe hanggang dumating kami sa topic ng sakit sa tiyan hanggang nauwi sa pag-uusap ukol sa isang gamot. Yung Lomotil, gamot sa dyspepsia na laging ina-advertise sa telebisyon. Pero si Michael ay di sang-ayon sa aming pag-uusap. Hindi daw iyon Lomotil, kundi Limotil. Silang dalawa ay nanatiling nagtatalo ukol sa pangalan ng gamot pero ako ay walang mapanigan dahil maging ako ay hindi sigurado. Kahit na walang pumapanig ay nagpatuloy sila sa pagtatalo at makikita talaga na pareho silang sigurado sa kanilang alam. Hindi nagtagal at siguro ay naingayan o natatawa na yung babae na nasa table malapit sa amin ay siya na ang tumapos sa argumento. Bigla lang siayng lumigon sa aming direksyon at ang tanging sinabi ay "Lomotil."

And oh wait (hirap magtagalog) hindi pa tapos. Sinabi din pala ni Michael na ang Lomotil ay gamot sa dysmenorrhea sa halip na dyspepsia. *LOL Mike, kailan naging ang dysmenorrhea nang dahil sa pagkain?

-PANGITAIN- (ang pinaka-recent)
sa Chem Lec class...

Kristian (parang may narinig at biglang napatakip sa tenga)
Michael: Meron kang [pangitaing] nakikita?


P.S. Classmates and friends, feel free to tell your LOL testimonies about Michael. Peace Mike. :D

Mga Hirit ni Michael

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Mayroon akong kaibigan na itatago natin sa pangalang Michael Libosada. Pareho kami ng kinuhang kurso sa kolehiyo kung kaya't marami-rami na rin ng kanyang mga LOL na hirit ang aking naririnig. Yung tipong nagsasalita siya nang seryoso tapos hindi niya namamalayan na may MALAKING mali pala sa sinabi niya.

Ang nasa ilalim ay ilan lamang sa mga ito.

BABALA: Ang mga nasa sumusunod ay may temang hindi angkop sa mga batang manonood loading kung mag-isip. Patnubay ng magulang iyong sentido kumon ang kailangan. (Ilan ay inedit ko kuno kasi hindi ko masyadong maatandaan).


Michael (nagsca-scan sa Bible, nagbabasa kunway ng mga parabulo at mga katulad)

Weng: (napansin ang ginagawa ni Michael) Hala, Mike pareha lage ta ug topic [sa Rel subject].
Michael: Religion 22 man ka ron sa? Ahw oh kay NEW COMMANDMENTS man na.
CLASSMATES: (isang walang humpay na tawanan at sila ay nag-HAHAHA^n where n=)
*Mike, gama2x napud kag subject? New Testament + Ten Commandments (sa Old Testament) mao na?


Kami nina Michael at Jojelyn ay nag-uusap sa University cafe hanggang dumating kami sa topic ng sakit sa tiyan hanggang nauwi sa pag-uusap ukol sa isang gamot. Yung Lomotil, gamot sa dyspepsia na laging ina-advertise sa telebisyon. Pero si Michael ay di sang-ayon sa aming pag-uusap. Hindi daw iyon Lomotil, kundi Limotil. Silang dalawa ay nanatiling nagtatalo ukol sa pangalan ng gamot pero ako ay walang mapanigan dahil maging ako ay hindi sigurado. Kahit na walang pumapanig ay nagpatuloy sila sa pagtatalo at makikita talaga na pareho silang sigurado sa kanilang alam. Hindi nagtagal at siguro ay naingayan o natatawa na yung babae na nasa table malapit sa amin ay siya na ang tumapos sa argumento. Bigla lang siayng lumigon sa aming direksyon at ang tanging sinabi ay "Lomotil."

And oh wait (hirap magtagalog) hindi pa tapos. Sinabi din pala ni Michael na ang Lomotil ay gamot sa dysmenorrhea sa halip na dyspepsia. *LOL Mike, kanus-a nahimong sakit ang dysmenorrhea tungod sa pagkaon?

-PANGITAIN- (ang pinaka-recent)
sa Chem Lec class...

Kristian (parang may NARINIG at biglang napatakip sa tenga)
Michael: Meron kang [pangitaing] NAKIKITA?


P.S. Classmates and friends, feel free to tell your LOL testimonies about Michael. Peace Mike. :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Lesson of Right minus Wrong

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What a day! Just had a dose of two exams and I still kind of cannot recover with them. But what really bothered me most was the exam I took last morning. In the morning I had an exam in my major subject and oh cr*p, it's right minus wrong. By that it means that the test taker should be very sure of his/her answers and if not, t.y. jud.

In our case, the tests I, II and III were 2 points each. Because it's right minus wrong, that means that:
  • If you answer the correct answer, then you have a plus of 2 points.
  • If you your answer is wrong, you get minus 2 points.
  • If you displayed no answer, you neither gain nor lose any point.
In a regular or a test that is not right minus wrong it's like this:

  • If you answer the correct answer, then you have a plus of 2 points.
  • If you your answer is wrong, you get no point.
  • If you displayed no answer, you still get no point.
See the difference? So if you are not in full confidence with your answer, you better yet not give an answer. It's not the typical type of test so there's this probability that you might get a negative score which I'm so sure nobody wants to have.

But with me? I still took some risks. I still have the thought of "at least I answered." I tried to answer everything even if some of them I am not quite sure with my answers. I tried with all of what I can grasp from the knowledge I have, using every possible logical reason I can to eliminate choices.

It really was a tiring job in my mind. I knew that I am not alone. After the exam, me and my classmates began discussing our answers and the hassle of this peculiar test policy. Some asking another of their answers, some correcting the answers of another, some groaning of what a fool they had been to not know the answer, and some--oh well, just shocked and tongue-tied. I fall to all of those categories except for the tongue-tied thing.

In this type of test, I just learned a lesson not just the academic lessons we learned from our teacher and our sleepless nights but a life lesson one could apply. I learned that in life, one ought to make choices, and sometimes ought to take risks. Just like in the test, you will either choose to do something which has two possible effects [a positive and a negative] or just sit there and do nothing. Also, one should not just reflect of taking risks. One should reflect whether the risks are wort taking or not.

Whoah! I just kind of relieved myself and trying to think of the positive side of this thing. Now, I am waiting to receive the negative side. Wew! Please sir, maawa ka sa amin!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Wedding Song

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I am about to have this post entitled "The Wedding Singer" but I don't want to have an issue of copyright right infringement regarding the 1988 film "The Wedding Singer." Oh well this post is not really about the wedding singer but more of the song. Who's wedding? Of course not mine. It's my cousin's. That up to now is still an unanswerable question.

My mom kind of wanted me to be part of the wedding because it's only me among the family who is not (except for my dad who is "abroad"). Mom wants me "sing for the wedding of my cousin" and oh yes, a wedding singer. She must have forgotten that I have this atmokinetic voice which has enough power to summon the forces of the thunder and lightning, soon afterward the people in hearing distance shall be crouch to their knees in pain after hearing my sonokinetic voice. Nah, that was just a joke, a lame one I got from my imaginations. haha. I may have been a member in choir(s) and have been able to epically (new word? haha) sing in a duet for some time but I have never thought myself as a great singer. you can probably ask me about songs, but please spare your ears and do not ask me give a demonstration.

Also, aside from my epic singing skills I also have this curse. It seems that if I help or do something for a couple it usually ends up bad. During my high school, a friend asked me to create a poem for his "prospect". the poem was quite nice I think for it was an acrostic but soon it took me time to find out that he was "busted." I also made an acrostic poem for a female friend (which is actually for her bf). Soon, they ended up breaking when I was in college. When I was in college I was quite careful about it although it's not really something to be believed in. I made ambigrams of couples, in one way it reads the male's name and when you turn it upside down read the female's. That time I made it for couples made of "joke". Those of which whom we just tease. But I was too fond of myself that I made another ambigram for a couple (though they did not know it). Just last year, they kind of had a "cool off". Well, I don't really believe in them and there's no way someone could've given me such curse. But it really is something that pisses me off. That's is why I'm in second mind of singing for the wedding.

Anyway my mom has confidence in me and I also want to offer a song for my cousin and at least be part of his very special day. I should think not of the things that are of the negative side. There's no way that I have some dark power ayt? Even though I had that certain "drive" I'm still confused of what to sing if I really am to sing. I find it better to be in duet though.

I had this list of wedding songs which I found to be interesting and may be "singable":

"When God Made You" by Philip Grant and Natalie Grant
"Thank God I Found You" by Mariah Carey feat Joe and 98 degrees
"Grow Old With You" by Adam Sandler (from the film "The Wedding Singer")
"I Wanna Grow Old With You" by Westlife
"When You Say You Love Me" by Josh Groban
"From This Moment" by Shania Twain
"At the Beginning" by Donna Lewis and Richard Marx (from the film "Anastasia")
"Heaven" by Bryan Adams
"I Could Not Ask For More" by Edwin McCain
"I Do Cherish You" by 98 degrees
"Endless Love"
"Butterfly Kisses"
"I Finally Found Someone"
"Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko"
"Gaano Kita Kamahal"
On This Day"
"One Love" by Acel Bisa
"Panunumpa" by Carol Banawa
"Way Back Into Love"
"Never Say Goodye" by Martin Nievera
"I'll Never Say Goodbye"
"Cherish the Treasure"

Hai..I hope I can choose a good song for my cousin.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The End(?) of Facebook

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THE END. *bows*

That is probably the talk of the town now. I could read questions from people regarding this subject. Some people decide to flood the social network by posting this link in their statuses. Others, people like me, decide to tell people of what a hoax this whole thing is.

As what I've said before, I am one of those who tell people of this thing's untruthfulness. I'd like to share some points about this whole thing, some logical some of common sense, even if some don't connect.

First, verify the source.
Check the website. You need to know whether it can be trusted or not, whether this whole is tragedy or sheer travesty. Do you know the site? Does it mean that you should trust it because it seemed like a news website? Of course, you should be sure that the source is reliable and credible. If you simply spread the news because you thought it's one credible source, then your perception might be wrong. You are just like copying the answer from a classmate's sheet. You copy it because you know that this classmate is a smarty one without knowing whether you're copying it correctly or what you're copying is correct. Come on guys, please be responsible.

Second, the source is not credible.
Of course, it's credible! The site is called Weekly World News and it's tagline says it's the world's only reliable source. It's credible enough to be spread to the people, just like the Onion News. Okay, cut the sarcasm. Folks, the two "credible" networks I just mentioned are satirical ones. Need I define satirical?

Third, Facebook is not only about Mark Zuckerberg. 
He's the CEO and president of Facebook right? So he has the right and power to shut down the social network anytime he wishes to. That is a BIG NO! That would probably be true if Zuckerberg is the CEO, the president, the sole investor of his own company, the only one who has share on his own company blablabla. It's like it is easy to cut off a movie if you are the only actor, the only director, the only producer, the only cameraman, and the only staff of your own movie all at the same time. Think about it guys, what about the investors of the social network. The board just decided to shut it down because they felt like it? Again, NO. It's not only Zuckerberg or the Fb's Vice President of Technical Affairs who will lose a tower of dollars. Have you forgotten about the facebook games? The -Villes, the -Wars, and all others? You think the games were put into facebook for free just because you had it for free? Think about it.

Fourth, Facebook is not only about Mark Zuckerberg (again).
Yes, me, you, us, we. The users, of course. If this is deemed to be true, I'm pretty sure there would be a movement. Probably not as noisy as the street rallies. Maybe it will be seen in news that Zuckerberg has received a bunch of death threats or probably computer viruses. Think about the gazillion users of facebook. The number should be enough to make a world history. Gosh, forget what I've said. I've been stressed too much.

Fifth, Facebook is not that lazy.
Okay, I'm talking now about the people behind facebook, the company. Zuck's name seems too long and is very populous in this post. If Facebook is to end, why do we have to know it through a website powered by If facebook is truly coming to an end, we the users should be informed before it shall be in the news.

Sixth, Facebook is not the only social network.
This is for those who truly believes that the social network will meet its end. For those who feels miserable about it, don't be so. After all there will be another social network the world will crave for.

Seventh, why March 15?
I am still puzzled of the date as of now. I think it better that it should be May 14, the birthday of the social network's CEO and president. But doing so might turn his supposed-to-be happiest day of his life to the most horrible day of his entire life if you consider Four. haha. Also, it should better be December 21 2012 or maybe on the Dec 22nd. That would create more publicity. haha. (This paragraph seems pointless..Let me laugh again..hahaha)

Be a responsible user. Be tactful of what you are to share.

P.S. I must have been quite irritated with this thing. After all I still felt that I should tell the truth of this. Whew! I'm quite relieved. I still have to study and this thing should trouble me not.

May we find the courage to forget our facebook life and soon find another social network to flood. haha.. lo..Don't take this seriously please..just found this tombstone generator here.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Just had some sort of word fight with a friend. At least we did not have face-to-face, just in facebook. I bet I can't do that to him face-to-face. It's not some sort of fight really. I am not particularly sure though of who between the two of us lighted the fire. At least (again?!) now the smoke's some kind of gone.

This friend of mine which I shall hide in the name of Vince. We were not really that close in the whole duration of my high school life. it was only until my senior year that we quite had a bond. Actually, there had been five of us. I still think though that I am the one who is not very close either of the four. All of us but me are online gamers. I am also a gamer but I do not invest my time going to internet shops to play DoTA, Rose, WarCraft, Flyff and blablabla. I know very well that I am very easy to get addicted to playing them once I'll be exposed to online gaming. Anyway, here's the story.

We had a conversion via the comments in a certain post in facebook. That post do not belong to either the two us. We just commented. I was not the first to comment but I commented earlier before Vince did. I started a joke in the comment until a few of my friends followed. Vince, as being a zany as he is, opened a nasty joke. I'm not sure if it's nasty but it sure is dark and not green or dirty. Because of that, I tried to challenge him by telling him to "define" the word he was saying. By doing such, he might be challenged as well having his own words negate to his won words! It was simply because he was using the word in its completely opposite meaning. Of course, he negated it by trying to have my statement backfire against me. Proud as I am and having my ego hurt, I bombarded my point in English. How dare of him belittle my English skills! (The dialect we used by the way was our native tongue. It was I who made statements in English.) Of course I ad to do with English.

But i did not quite expect that he would back off right away. I was thankful that he did or else I do not know of what our future shall be. Vince asked if that is a battle of the brain and said that he quit. He stated that he'd rather be a fool to the eyes of our friends than lose a friend. Wow! I did not quite expected those words from him. I mean, we had been friends but I did not really realize that he made an importance out of it. He does not seem to care of friendship at all. I was quite wrong with my judgment after all. After that I just replied a joke and an apology of the hurting words I said.

Well, I still did not know who started it. It might be him because he dared to belittle me. It might be me because I bit the bait. Anyway, our friendship was restored I think.

Also, there is no title. I can't think of one.

"Sherlock Holmes" [2009]

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"Sherlock Holmes"

01-08-11, 12:18 AM (UTC +8.00)

-Nice film! I'm not really fond of Sherlock Holmes, even in the books, because he's way too smart for me. I cannot guess the method and I suck at deduction while he is an expert at deduction. The only thing here which my mind could have a toil is trying to guess of who the other "people" are and trying to guess some part of the plot.


At least I guessed it right that Lord Coward is an accomplice, that there was something in Amb. Standish's clothes,body or gun which made him be engulfed in flames once he pulls the gun's trigger, that Lord Blackwood never died in the beginning of the film because he used some form of physics stuff and not magic, and that Lord Blackwood never used magic or dark arts in his crimes because there never was magic in the film.

Pero LOADING jud au ko sa mga methods. haha

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From the Shelf: "And Then There Were None" (also "Ten Little N*gg*rs"; also "Ten Little Indians") by Agatha Christie

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"And Then There Were None" (also "Ten Little N*gg*rs"; also "Ten Little Indians")
by Agatha Christie

"The World’s Best-selling Mystery!

Ten strangers are lured to an island mansion by the mysterious U.N.Owen.  Over dinner a record begins to play.  An unknown voice accuses each guest of harbouring a guilty secret.  That evening Tony Marston is murdered by a deadly dose of cyanide.  The survivors soon realise that the killer is amongst them and preparing to strike, again and again, until there were none…

DATE & TIME FINISHED READING: 01-05-11!!; time range between 6-6:11 AM (UTC +8.00)

-Yeah. I finished it just this morning. Somewhat queer and too early I think. But hey, the only thing that I read this morning so that I could finish reading this, is just the epilogue. I am supposed to finish it yesternight but because "the wind had been so cold and the night had been so old (melodramatic much?)" so I stopped. My mind gets easily filled with imaginations so I decided that I should not permit this book to haunt me even in my sleep!

And oh one more thing. My thrill was so spoiled tungod sa bwiset nga nagsulat ug "He is the killer" tapad sa name sa usa sa characters. Sh*tness! Pero at least nalessen akong trabaho. The thing and a very thing that I did nalang is to guess who the next victim will be which I think is much harder to do than guessing who the murderer is.

Ok nalang at least I was able to guess the 2nd, 4th and 6th victim(s) of the 10 murders. The figures in the cover pic BTW are the ten China Indian figures found in the story. As the number of the main characters are being diminished one by one, so are the number of the China figures too! Lunatic! That's one of what I can say about the murderer. One who has lost his/her sanity. Sorry for the spoiler.

MY RATING: 10 of 10 stars!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

From the Shelf: "Mrs. McGinty's Dead" (also "Blood Will Tell") by Agatha Christie

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"Mrs. McGinty's Dead" (also "Blood Will Tell")
by Agatha Christie

"Mrs. McGinty's Dead" (also "Blood Will Tell")
by Agatha Christie

Date and time finished reading:
01-01-11 FTW!!!; exactly 2:15 PM (UTC +8.00)

-Okay. Late post. I just finished because I still have lots of stuffs to do which I should have actually done/finished in the whole vacation. Obviously I forgot them.

This one's so awesome! Nothing can be more awesome than a book wherein you somehow knew what's going to happen. No, I did no mean the spoiled plot thing. The one I'm referring to is when some of your assumptions were put into reality by the book (at least only in the book). Well, not really all of my theories were right though. I was just kind of right because the murderer in the book is actually the one in my mind which I thought was a lame idea. Also, the other mystery involved in this story coincided with my assumption no.3. Not bad at all.

Anyway, if you happen to read this do not be stumped of the "other" murders. They just make a twist in the plot.

Anyway (again) if you want to read this, you can:
a. search for this book in bookstores hoping one of your bookstore list has a copy of it
b. download an ebook, the most convenient-to-the-pocket-yet-the-most-inconvenient-to-the-eyes way
c. borrow from your local library..blessed are you if you find it
d. borrow from Weng just like what I did..lewl..:DD
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