Friday, July 1, 2011

Pencil Project

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It's been a long time since I visited back my blog. I've been quite busy these days but never mind that. This one can't wait.

There is this amazing campaign called the Pencil Project. (HWH) will donate 50 pencils to Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) for every blog post about the HWH Pencil Project Online Signature Campaign.

Just blog about the campaign and sign-up on the HWH Facebook Pageand post the blog link on their wall to validate your participation. Isn’t that easy? No cash needed, just some of your time and your signature.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

From the Shelf: "Vampire Blood Trilogy: Cirque Du Freak 2, The Vampire's Assistant" by Darren Shan

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"Vampire Blood Trilogy: Cirque Du Freak, The Vampire's Assistant"
by Darren Shan
06-23-11; 7:40 PM-ish (GMT/UTC +8.00)

-In reality, I could have finished reading this book for like just some days ago after book 1. Obviously, I just finished it like some week after book 1.

It was because I got quite bored in the middle part of this book. I'm like in page 60 and there's no thrill. And also, because I'm also a student I decided to concentrate(?) more on my assignments rather than reading this. There's also one character in this book that I dislike (CLUE: He's human!).

However, the euphoria (for me) starts like in page 70-80. Things started going wrong and becoming scary sh*t if you think of the after effects of these events.

I'm not expecting of twists although there's one. It's not a twist for me because I sort of guessed that that would happen.

Anyway, Book Three's on the way. I gotta work on that soon. haha

NUMBER OF PAGES (varies on other versions): 100

MY RATING: 9.0 of 10 stars!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tula: "Walang Kasigurohan"

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Di na siguro ako lilipad pa nang ganoon ka taas.
Baka ang pagbagsak ko'y ganoon din kalakas.

Di ko tiyak kung itutuloy ko pa ba iyon
Dahil may nasa isip ko na di sang-ayon.

Marahil ay hindi ko na lang iyon papasukin
Kahit na ang pinto na mismo ang lumapit sa akin.

'Pagkat walang puwang sa isang mundo
Na aking papasukin ang takot sa aking puso,

Ang pangamba na lumalamon sa aking pagkatao
Kahit na 'di ko tanto ang kung ano nasa likod ng pinto.

Tako siguro ako kung ano ang kahihinatnan.
'Pagkat lahat ng ito'y wala pang kasigurohan.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tag, you're IT!!!

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Usually, I see these sort of tagging-to-know-you games in facebook. I did not expect that the fever will reach the blogosphere as I read this post of Jenny. I actually want to be tagged in such games because it's sort of fun but then I found one of the answers(?) in the game to be silly so I decided that it would better be that no blogger would remember me. haha.

Unfortunately, Joross tagged me in this game with his own post and I have no other choice but pass it because it is said that seven days from will become a week. lol. It's a joke! Come on, go laugh.

Okay, okay, here's the game:


1. Do you think you're hot?
- I am smokin', smokin' like ice! haha. Nah, I just prefer myself "cool". haha

2. Upload a picture of the wallpaper you're using at the moment :

"Isn't it cute?" my sister used to tell me. [credits to source]
That one is not really the ACTUAL screenshot from the laptop. I just got if from the internet because I suck and can't locate where this one is. The laptop I am currently using is not mine but my older sister's so I have nothing to do but deal with the wallpaper. It's just one of the themes in this computer that she found cute. I don't think it's from a cartoon or anime or whatever.

3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
- Lunch time! My mom cooked it! It just usually happens when my dad sends us some money.

4. The songs you listened to recently:
- GLEE songs covers of:
*Anyway You Want It/Touchin' Lovin' Squeezin'
I had these songs in the laptop and I've been listening to the Glee songs. It was just in time that while was reading Joross' post and been typing this game I was listening to it. The second is one of my favorite mashups in the show.

5. What where you thinking as you were doing this?
- Geez, this is cool and crazy at the same time.

6. Do you have nicknames? What are they?
- Oh good Lord! My complete name is WELLIBERNEIL KRISTIAN GUBAT. 
Most of my friends call me Kristian, Tian, Tyan, or Chan. While some of them call me "Seanz", most of my friends (especially those I knew from Science High) call me "Gubat" (my surname) or "Forest" (the English translation of my name). Some called me Yan-yan, Willy, Neil, and Kris. Most of my relatives and neighbors call me (oh God this is embarrassing) Honey. My sister's sort-of-like-that name is Darling.

Because of my long name -- thanks to my father -- I have many and some people seem to love "murdering" my name by pronouncing it wrong. Anyway,  you may call me what you want but you have to tell me what you'd call me because I might not look back. haha

And now, I'm gonna just tag 8 bloggers, sorry. :)
1.     Roj of Isip-Bata and Ako ay Naiiba
2.  Jubert of Chillspot
3.     Denase of DENASELOGY
4.     Florlin of Florlin's Corner
5.     Kamila of Kamilkshake Cafe and Road to Kill
6.     Ruth of Ruthie's Blog
7.     Jaid of Superjaid
8.     Banjo of ISTAMBAY

Who's listed in #1?
- Roj or Rogean. She is the one who inspired me to write more in my blog. She is also the first person to comment on my blog and is also my first follower. My blog is supposed to be private and just meant for myself. But, when she made some comments, I then decided that I can have some friends in the blogosphere too.

Who's #2?
- Jubert of Chillspot. He's a cool college guy in the blogosphere who writes about his personal life, his opinions and his crushes/the-"loves"-of-his-life. When I read his post about dirrrrrrrty secrets, I thought to myself "This guy's kewl! We should know more about him...and errr...his secrets. haha."

How about #3?
- Denase of Denaselogy. Ranting never felt good until I met this guy. haha. He's command to the English language is so great that at first I really thought he's not a Filipino.With Denase's blog, sometimes I felt like I have to sharpen my English skills because I don't want having epistaxis again. (Google the term!)

How did you know #4?
- Florlin and her corner. It really feels good when you have a blogger friend who is in the same school and lives in the same town as you. She's still in the high school but she really is good at writing. She's got a potential. I just hope she would not bust my secret which I accidentally revealed in her blog. haha

Who's #5?
- Kamila. este Kapitana. haha. She's one of the friendliest bloggers I knew. She is absolutely and nonstop blabber. She is also one of the very diligent bloggers I knew because she always replies back.

How about this #6?
- Ruthie. We study in the same university but I did not really know her. I just knew her name, and soon her blog. We soon became classmates in HIST 41 last summer and now in SOCIO 63. I just advertised your blog Ruthie, don't be mad. I will not tell it to your Mystery Guy. haha

Who's this #7?
- Jaid and her alter ego, the superhero. lels. I think she's the same age as mine and that's perhaps one of the reasons why I find her posts cute and why it is often easy for me to relate on her blog.

Who's #8?
- Banjo, the bystander. A promising writer and fluent in Tagalog. If you do understand Tagalog, you really should his blog because his fiction stories are so AWESOME and I swear that by the River of Styx. With Denase, I get epistaxis but this guy gives me balunguyngoy. Every time I read a story from his blog, I soon become a Tagalog-speaking dude. If I make a post here in blogger, I would then be writing in Tagalog and even in facebook, I would make Tagalog comments. It's just sad that I haven't quite kept in touch with him since his last post was last summer and I have been quite busy at that time.

The one who tagged me:
Joross. I did not really expect him to tag me much less for him to remember me. We met when I was in my fourth year high school. Three students were chosen from three districts in our province to attend a journalism workshop in Cebu. The last time we met then was during the Press Conference (the competition). After that, nothing. Just some weeks/months ago, I saw his name in one of the blogs here. I knew it was him. I thought he didn't know it was me. It's fun to meet your old friends again.

To the people who are tagged:
You don't have to tag me back or make a post about this. I just wanted to make a post to my fellow bloggers who spiced up my life here in blogosphere and how happy i am to meet them.

So will I die now or tomorrow because I'm making this speech? I don't know. Well, I hope this is not a goodbye message. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unang Araw ng Pasukan: The Usual Scenario

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Kahapon ay first day of class na nga at obyosly, dahil ako ay mabait kuno ay pumasok sa unang araw nga pasukan. Syempre naman, dala-dala ko ang aking makapangyarihang handy dandy notebook.

Sa unang araw ng pasukan at sa aking pagmumuni ay nagkaroon ako ng iilang obserbasyon. Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga nailista ko at lahat ay ayon lang sa aking obserbasyon.

1. First day of class is no class. Opcors, walang masyadong estudyante at kung marami man ay usually nakatambay lamang sa labas ng classroom. Usually wala ang teacher kaya walang pasok. Siguro iniisip ng mga teachers na walang estudyante. Sabay-sabay nalang kaya nilang isipan nang wala na talagang pasok. haha

2. May ibig sabihin ang pagpasok at hindi pagpasok ng teachers sa 1st day.Kadalasan ay hindi talaga kilala kung sino ang teacher kung kaya't nanlalamig na ang mga kamay ng estudyante kasi di nga nila kilala. Pa'no kung strikto, maldita, mahilig umabsent? Yung mga ganoon. Isa pa sa nakadaragdag sa kaba ay iyong mga teachers na hindi pumapasok sa 1st day.

Usually yung mga teachers na absent sa 1st day of class ay:
a. Pag regular classes na, palaging absent o di kaya'y late
b. Strikto. Binibigyan lang niya kayo ng iilang araw na chance para makapghanda sa kanyang pagto-torture

Pag present on the first day:
a. Present talaga yan sa lahat ng meetings. Wala iyang pinapalampas na oras. Hindi yan male-late. Mas concerned siya sa time na magagamit paglelecture
b. Present palagi yan at dapat ikaw rin dahil may points ang attendance mo!!
c. Waley lang yan. Bluff lang ba. haha

3. Maraming labas ng classroom. Ito ay dahil sa:
a. Walang pasok.
b. Hindi ka pa na-eenrol
c. Gusto mo lang tumambay sa school
d. Teacher ka?

4. Bago lahat. New shoes. New bag. New notebooks. New ball pen. New clothes. New na lahat, maliban sa face.

5. Marami pang nagpapa-enrol.
Yun lang. May mai-post lang. haha. Batong-bato na ako. Nagpo-post kasi parang simula na ng seryosong klase bukas. Meh assignment pa kami. Di ko pa nareready ang aking self diyan. haha

Monday, June 6, 2011

DBSS Entry Part 2 - "Blue Day"

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Just a little background:
This is part 2 or should I say the other entry I submitted to DBSS 2011. For more info about this and because it's kind of tiring trying to type the same words again, click this.

"Blue Day"

One morning, a nightmare awakened you
With your body still tired and your eyes, too.
You felt that you have to rise from your sleep
Though the clock you had set made no beep.

And then you saw the clock and it’s broken
But still you know it’s near to seven.
So, you sought for the wall clock and saw it
It’s 6:50, just ten minutes to beat!

You believe you’ll have test on that day
And you know it’s hard with your teacher’s way.
You know that you really have to take it
For if not, the cut-off you may not hit.

So, hurriedly you went to the shower
And then brushed your teeth, trying to get faster.
Then you remembered: “Breakfast’s important!”
But you have to be there in an instant!

Of course, you decided to miss your meal
Instead of missing your exam’s ordeal
Hastily you ran to reach the highway,
Hailed a cab to help you get to your way.

While on the ride, you studied all your notes –
All the formulae and important quotes
And you have to put them all in mem’ry
And understand within minutes of three!

You were so preoccupied that you forgot
To stop the cab at designated spot.
Because of that, you have to take a walk
But no! You should run and avoid those balks.

Then you’re few strides away from your classroom
And at last, you reached your destination.
You thought in an instant that you’re in doom
When you saw that no one’s inside the room.

You sensed that the exam’s already done
And that the teacher has left and has gone.
“How careless had I been!” so you had thought.
“And all that running is all but just naught!”

You sat down on the floor and realized
The absence of people – such a surprise!
Suddenly, your phone received a message.
You sighed for it’s just another adage.

However, at the end of the saying
There is a line that made you go crying
“Happy Sunday to all of you!” it said.
“Don’t forget to go to church,” it added.



It is never too late to realize that you still have time for others and for Him. At least, give Him a spare of your time.

If you had a good laugh then thank you. If not, i'd still say thanks because you read it until the last. That means that skipreaders are not allowed here. haha. It's supposed to be read fully, that's why. I was actually planning to give people a good laugh with this poem but as i read it myself, it was boring. It seemed to me that this poem should better be written in Tagalog. haha

Sunday, June 5, 2011

From the Shelf: "Vampire Blood Trilogy: Cirque Du Freak, A Living Nightmare" by Darren Shan

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"Vampire Blood Trilogy: Ciruqe Du Freak, A Living Nightmare"
by Darren Shan

06-04-11; 10:32 PM (GMT/UTC +8.00)

-Although I've been reading Goosebumps when I was still in my elementary, this kind of story seems new to me.

Several vampire books have already flooded the bookstore but I chose this one because it seems interesting. Well, it really is.

I do not really have something to say about this book except that I'm digging for the second book and the third and the next ones in the saga.

It's not really scary but if you dare put yourself in the protagonist's shoes it sure is scary. But, the scariest parts are the last ones. I'm not telling you what it is just in case you're going to read this soon. It's just that the ending is quite scary but sad at the same extent.

Anyway, albeit the fact that the ending is quite hanging (because obviously they want you to go for the book 2), it's still worth the shot.

NUMBER OF PAGES (varies on other versions): 104

MY RATING: 8.5 of 10 stars!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

DBSS Entry Part 1 - "The Block"

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Our classes now starts on Monday and although I still think there really won't be "real" classes, I'm posting this just in case I would get busy.

Just a little background:
Back when I was a freshman in Silliman University, we were given FREE copies of the Dark Blue Southern Seas (DBSS) issue 2009. I wasn't quite interested at that time because I was so excited with being a college student. The first issue of the Weekly Sillimanianalso known as tWS, (tWS online and facebook page) came out and the DBSS turned out to be the official literary folio of tWS. There was an ad of DBSS in the tWS at that time asking for contributions for the next year's issue. I actually tried to contribute one but I soon forgot because I was still adjusting(?) to my college life. By the time I reached second year, I finally decided I would contribute. Unfortunately, it seemed that my two contributions were not included. Well, I have no knowledge of that because I did not have a copy of the DBSS 2011.

Anyways, here's one of the poems I submitted as entry for the folio. I suck at titles and that is perhaps one of the reasons I have the writer's block. So tentenenen *ching!*


"The Block"

Once I was, I think, great,
A writer of different sorts,
One who is favored by the fate,
And whose power belongs to the words.

Now, I think I had that block,
An illness I have never known.
But of course, with it I’m stuck
In a maze where no light has shone.

I think – yes, I did – that I lost it –
The ability of writing,
The burning fire that’s always lit,
The flame that’s always been scorching.

Yet, I still miss it, longed for it –
To write again all my heart out,
To hear again the very beat
My love for writing with no doubt.

I don’t want another blank sheet
Untouched, untitled, unwritten
No hint of pen walking its feet
Or a scratch that may be hidden.

But then I thought, I realized.
I’ve not truly lost the passion;
I’ve just been too much mesmerized
Of having lost my attention.

I’ve just been too busy to think
Of being no writer at all.
It was I who made it all sink
For ‘twas I who made all to fall.

Then I found I could write again
A poem I once had resented
For which I had just one written
Of how that block had me tormented.

Now, I know I am back at last
To the one I really love,
The one I had been in the past,
The writer in me, now I have.



That's just it, only that your mind don't produce white balloons when you have it. lol [source]

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Own Third Sentence Thursday

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Third Sentence Thursday

So, umm yeah, I just discovered this cool thing from Joross' post and decided that I could perhaps follow.

Third Sentence Thursday is a wekkly meme hosted by Sniffly Kitty Mostly's Books. It's just pretty simple, you get a book a book and post the sentence here, give review then *poof* that's it. I found it cool because it makes your mind sort of stimulate to delve deeper

For more information about this, click me.

So here's my Third Sentence:

"I'd sneak into camp, find Madam Octa, grab her, and run."
- Darren Shan from "Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare"

It is from the book entitled, "Cirque Du Freak: A Living Nightmare" written by Darren O'Shaughnessy under the pen name of Darren Shan. It is about the struggle of a boy (also Darren Shan) in the world of vampires.

the cover [source]

Well, first and foremost I would just like to tell you that I could have opted for another sentence because the one above is just weird. I just went to the page where I read last although I wasn't quite sure that I haven't read this sentence yesterday. I just discovered about this book series called "The Saga of Darren Shan" (Cirque du Freak in some countries) and I decided that i might as well read something I haven't read before.

Anyway, Cirque du Freak means (if i am correct) "Circus of Freaks" in French. This Circus, although banned because it's "dangerous, travelled to cities to have shows. To make things faster and to avoid that I might bore you, Darren Shan and his friend went to this show. One of the freaks featured was Larten Crepsley, a freak who could "manipulate" his spider weirdly named "Madam Octa."

Darren Shan is a boy who is very fond of spiders and that is how that third sentence came. He wanted to steal Madam Octa from that creepy Crepsley guy (who turned out to be a vampire in hiding) because Darren wanted to also control that arachnid.

In reality, I just don't know if Darren has eaten spider or maybe a spider just ate his brains out that he really wanted to have that spider, much more steal it. I just found this weird, very weird. Well, I am not yet finish with that book so please do not spoil me the thrill and I still eerily excited of how on earth Darren is going to steal that eight-legged creature from a creepy Crepsley vampire guy.

You try your Third Sentence Thursday too!

My so FAIL Ambigrams!!

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Naks! Uma-art!

Anyways, I had this hobby of mine when I'm bored. The ones below are called ambigrams. According to the ever-powerful Wikipedia:
An ambigram is a typographical design or art form that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. The words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words. Douglas R. Hofstadter describes an ambigram as a "calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the selfsame set of curves." Different ambigram artists (sometimes called ambigramists) may create completely different ambigrams from the same word or words, differing in both style and form.
There are many types of ambigrams but I won't be posting about them now. Maybe in some time, I will if I wil already be able to make one for evey type, nyaha. Like I said, there are many types and I have only made a few of it. So here are the ones I made in the past years.

"Kristian" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:

The one above is my name, the second name of my first name. Sounds confusing right? It's a 180° Rotational Ambigram. It still reads "Kristian" when rotated 180 degrees.

"Welliberneil" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:

That's because I've got two names in the first name, the one above is the first but I often use "Kristian." that way, the "murder" of my name can be avoided. lol

"Fundador" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:
That's my middle name, my mom's maiden name. They say that it means "Founder" in Spanish. Some of my friends used to joke that we own the brandy of the same name.

"Gubat" - 180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:
That one's my real surname (So now you get my complete name! haha). In Tagalog, it means "forest" or "jungle" whereas in Bisaya it could also mean "war." Most of my high school folks call me by that name, too.

"Cañao/The End" - Symbiotogram Ambigram
Just a little background:
That's a symbiotogram, still a 180 degree rotational ambigrams, only that it reads a different word when rotated in 180 degrees. I made that one when I was in high school (that was vacation time, I think) for my older sister. She asked me for wild ideas about her Literature project and at that time, I was kind of in the middle of surfing the net. I just showed her this, the first known ambigram. I told her that it would be great if there is like an ambigram at the end of the story. I did not really promised to her but I made one anyway.

"Cañao" was the title of her story, which in some dialect it means "wedding dance" (i think). The orientation where the word "Cañao" can be read, is the one that is shown at the end of the story. It's actually sort of a riddle (which I made, too!!nyaha!) that when the word "Cañao" would be rotated 180 degrees or reversed it would read "The End" (thus came the ending). The contrary that would hale  is "The End", it's contrary because "Cañao" is the title.

"Kristian/Enigma" - Bilateral ambigram
Just a little background:
I once used that as a header in this blog. I soon got the feeling that I don't like it and it really needs to be improved. It is supposed to read as "enigma" when shown to the mirror. That's how bilateral ambigrams work, the word(s) read the same/different when shown to the mirror or flipped horizontally.

In case, you don't get it or you are not able to see the other word in the mirror I managed to put the other pic here because a) you don't have a mirror; b) you are blind; c) the one who made this ambigram is just stupid.

"Decalogue" -  180° Rotational Ambigram
Just a little background:
I made that one for my Religion class. We are to make a Ten Commandments bookmark. I actually made two bookmarks for that assignment because I just feel like it. The one just have the Ten Commandments inscribed back-to-back while the other have the Commandments in the front and that ambigram at the back. I soon found out that we are to swap bookmarks with a classmate. I did not give this, haha because I wanted to have a copy.

"Decalogue" also means Ten Commandments.

"Merry Christmas" - Totem Ambigram
Just a little background:
Made last Christmas break. It's a Totem ambigram just like this one. Totem ambigrams are also bilateral and mirror ambigrams but the letters...sorry I don't know how to explain. haha. The link I showed you is shaped like a mouse whil the one I made is supposed to be like a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, it seemed not like it. haha

Whatever. Anyways, if you liked or you just want to flatter me or you pity me, you can ask me to make an ambigram for you. Just comment below or better yet email me at Thanks.

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