Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From the Shelf: "Remembered Death" (also "Sparkling Cyanide") by Agatha Christie

"Remembered Death" (also "Sparkling Cyanide")
by Agatha Christie

"Remembered Death" (also "Sparkling Cyanide")
by Agatha Christie

Date and time finished reading:
12-29-10; exactly 9:42 AM (UTC +8.00)

-Whoah! another Agatha Christie book! Thanks to weng! haha..BTW, just uploaded the 2-in-1 pics. The one on the left is the cover of the book that I have read while the other is just the alternate title/cover(the original British title). I liked both titles anyway so I made that way.

I hate spoilers but I love spoiling. haha. But no spoilers for now. I am just so so very very happy because somehow I was able to determine the "trick" but only in somewhat almost ending part. But at least, I discovered it before it was revealed though.

[SPOILER coming]
Another clue [no it's not a spoiler] if you happen to read this book: do not be bothered b the chapter/book titles. But you'll be bothered anyway. The book was subdivided into 3 "books". The first consist of chapters remembering the first death, the 2nd consists of the events prior to the 2nd crime and of course the 3rd is the 2nd crime and discovery of who the murderer(s) is/are.

The mystery was a little bit of puzzling (How could it be a mystery if it is not puzzling?). But I was thrilled upon knowing that my lame assumption was in fact not lame but actually the real thing!

Another clue: the book cover.


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