Monday, December 20, 2010


This is about the presentation last night during the Centennial Celebration of the foundation of our Church where today is actually the exact "foundation day." Indeed that is something to be happy about. However, considering with what happened yesterday, I think not.

First, the Vesper Service at 4pm did not start exactly on time. I could not really remember the exact time because at that time I was not in the mood and am a little bit of sleepy. the awards to be given to the deserving servants of our Church, were broken. Yes, literally broken although not really all which is something to thank God. Some of the awards are in the form of plates and now they've turned into broken dishes.But that is not really something to freak out not unless you were there to witness the fall or to hear the crash of the falling plates.

Second, there is this another plate malady. It has something to concern with the real purpose of plates and yes, that is of food. They've already assigned meal tickets in an attempt for "control." Unfortunately, the plan went haywire. I'm sorry to speak of this but the truth is some of the people do not know the essence of lining. It's in buffet style so while we have to wait and line others immediately go into the food table and get what they want. The food is not really of trouble, it was okay. The fuss is just that I didn't enjoy it even if it's scrumptious for the dinner did not start early and that is because the Vesper Service did not start on time.

Another is that of the event in the town plaza. Our church has decided to carol the people [thought I'm not sure if "carol" can be verb] in the plaza. Of course, because this occurred after the dinner, and it started late like 10 pm.

Lastly, we were caught off-guard. This is the point of my post. [I just wrote all those other stuffs up there to show the build-up of my disappointment.] My sister was told that she is going to sing and is then given a music sheet and an audio file days before the presentation. Unfortunately my sister did not really have a good practice she had been to busy with school. She asked my help anyway and I gave her tips which I had learned from being a Men's Glee Club member in the university. It turned to be bad though as the December winds had been so cold that she got a cough. During the Caroling at the Plaza, it was a mess because we did not know which part my sis is going to sing. We were to caught off-guard then when suddenly the lady of ceremony told the audience that our family is going to sing not even giving my sis warning prior to her solo that she's next. I was like "Whaaat?! I thought my sis will have a solo! And why did they not tell that she's next already?" I did not yell that though. When my sis got to the platform, I believed she had been so tensed already because the music started already even if she had not yet reached the stage. As it turned out of the tension, she was indeed caught off-guard that she sang the song in a different key. I am not a Music Major and do not know how to play any kind instrument but I am sure that she was off-key.

I do not want to talk more of how embarrassed we were with what happened. Just thank God that two of the Choir directors in the Church approached her and told her that it was okay. When I asked my sis about it, she told me that she was so pressured about the music starting instantly and that she can;t hear the music too well plus the fact that the lights have been to bright. She even told me that I should have helped her but I just told her that even if I suddenly hail the song to stop she still won't see me because of the lights.

Regrets. I just regretted the fact that I should have helped my sister even if what a surprise it could have been. I actually wanted to suddenly run to the stage to help her but I was too coward to do so. I knew that I was caught off-guard myself as with my sister.

Off-guard. Off-key. And all I wanted to do at that time is go back to our house to go off to sleep, hoping all those trouble could be just switched off.

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