Saturday, December 18, 2010

EPIC FAIL Preilim Week

I just had my week and I really thought that it took me so long to reach this very day. How on earth can a week be so long even though it's still has the same number of days for a week to have? Maybe that is because I just had this freakin' Prelim Week, the first of the three most dreaded weeks in college (for me they are). The others are the Midterms and the Finals. Yeah, you guessed it right. I suck at studying. It would take one long to realize that I once had been an honor student from kindergarten to high school. then suddenly, hello college. Thanks for breaking the record.

Anyway, the prelims week was so epic fail for me. Well, lemme break it down by subjects.

REL 61 (Christian Ethics) - No big thing. We just had a small devotion thing and that's all after we passed the essay about "the most crucial decision we made in life" which in the one I wrote I still think is still not crucial. I was just late and I blame it to my lousiness, stupid slow feet, the traffic, the long distance between the starting and finish line and the wrong "Silliman" time that I chose.

PE 22 - Oh yes..PE. Physical education. We just had a Christmas presentation last Tues and I really thought that we did well. No, we actually suck. But if compare to the other groups, and in my slightly biased opinion, we did well. thanks to me nga baling pina-ugat ug kanta. Sh*tness, mangugat jud kay taas ayu ag key ilang gigamit sa pagkanta. Dili ko soprano bai. and maulaw man pud ko na mu-blend kay murag braggart ayu.

EE 22R (Electrical Circuits I) -Oh yes. I could really say that the prelim exam we had was so epic fail or maybe just us. It was so difficult and at the same time, we felt it is so unfair ('is' kay present man japun). Unfair jud kay ag mga CE (Civil Eng students) kay by pair ila exam unya ag prelim kay take home. Then sa amu kay individual na, dili pajud take home. Nasagul man gud kos mga EE (Electrical Eng students) so murag gipalisud amu life and Comp Eng man pud ko so basin mao pud ng in-ana. Ataya uie. Plus the exam was really difficult (tell me I haven't said that twice). After the exam, I know that I wasn't alone with that boat. When I asked one of my classmates about the exam, he told me somewhat like this: "Bali bai. Gipahinumdm pa gud".

ES 24 (Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics) - Not really epic. We had a two-day exam. One on the Monday and another on Tues while the other classes just had one day. It;s because they got 2.5hrs on TTh while we only got 1hr on MW and 1.5hrs on TTh. So it was an advantage after all minus the fact that we kind of had a background of what the test will be. Thanks to the CE people. Buwahaha! It wasn't unfair after all. So evil me. haha

PSYCH 11 (General Psychology) - Wednesday of this week and I could still remember of how weary I felt after that exam. Oh gods! My classmate (whose class of the same subject and teacher is in the morning while mine's in the aftie) was right after all although she kind of exaggerated it. I asked her about it and the type(s) of test and she told me, "tanang type of test na imung mahuna-hunaan kay naa." And she was kind of right. There's matching type, multiple choice, modified true or false, identification, enumeration, essay and diagram stuff. At this time I still think that my "xurbol" is the matching type. Super easy and test 1. The rest is otherwise.

CHEM 12 (General Chemistry II) - It was on Wed still, just after my Psych 11 exam. I felt so nervous about it (as with all exams, don;t we?). The topic is only about "Acids and Bases". One of the easy topics. That's dangerous because easy means that the teacher will find a way to make it hard and with that kind of teacher we had I knew I was not wrong. She made it kind of difficult via the problem solving part. Yeah she discussed it to us but did not elaborated it much, in a way in which you might think won't be included in a test.

MATH 22 (Differential Equations) - This is the most difficult of the subjects I took, considering the fact that it's a difficult subject and the teacher is quite fast and that I really had a weak foundation of the subject. Thanks to our MATH 21 teacher, the subject which is the pre-requisite of MATH 22. While taking the test and even after it, I knew that I wound end up not having a good score. I'm positive of that although my mind is negative.

Pretty long week. At least we had a pretty long vacation, enough time to think about studying harder to get good grades and no failing ones or not. For me, it's both. Anyway, it seems that I did not really had an epic fail week, maybe it's just about to come. haha..


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