Thursday, November 11, 2010

You made my day like B-A-D

Bad day. That's it.

It (probably) all started yesternight. Last night, I was having a headache but I still logged on to this laptop for browsing reasons. Because I am about to enter to a new class (which actually started already), I asked my friends about the assignment so that I may be able to catch up. I was so eager for that assignment that I kind of forgot my headache and instead of drinking a medicine to treat it, I rushed to the laptop and began my research.

Bad thing is the internet connection was so slowpoke. Worse is I did not understand those stuffs I just found. Those things probably led me to remember my headache or probably it led my system to remember that my head is aching. I then turned off the laptop, went to my room and tried to reflect. I decided to try to reflect and to ask God's help because at that time, I felt really weak. I could not think of what to do [especially that I've been faced to a lot of problems].  After taking medicine and a nap, I felt relieved.

..and finally the real purpose of this post...

The bad night I had yesterday was continued today (or probably a while ago). It was when I went to the P.E. department of our university so that I can be accommodated with the P.E. and so that I can be excused of the P.E. I had. Of course I brought my medical certificate which is filled completely except for the signature of my instructor. Sadly, he wasn't there. However, I still decided to go to the house of the "dean" (that is what the girl in the PE office said) to accompany a friend of mine. She wants to transfer to another section and that "dean" is the one whom you should go when you are to "drop" and/or accommodate a subject/section.

In the midst of the conversation of the "dean", I asked that "dean" about my condition and the to-do's. She laughed at me (no, that's just idiom) because the reasons/conditions indicated in the med cert are malnutrition and mild scoliosis. Yeah, I am malnourished, undernourished to be specific. But I won't stress that much because it caused me too much stress.

The thing that made my day bad was her reactions. I knew that if she was my instructor (thank God not her) she would certainly not honor the certificate even if it was issued by the university physician. She even said that I could just perform softball (the PE I am enrolled in) because the scoliosis is just mild.

I would like to tell her that very moment that: Ma'am, can we have an agreement that if my scoliosis would develop, you would take responsibility for it.  But of course I did not and that was way too shallow.

But the second reaction of her was like this: Simple ra man ng imong problema. Kaon lang ug daghan. Ganahan na gud ta ko mutubag ug: Kay kung mukaon ko ug daghan karon dayun maam, mutambok diay ko pagka-ugma, ha? It was like she was telling me that this matter is something that can be solved in matter of magic seconds.

But that really did not stir me up. This one did. She checked the portion of the med cert wherein there is a list of activities and the instruction above it says: Pls. check activities which the student may participate in. In the sports section of the activities only the track-and-field had been check by the doctor. That means the blanks in the softball, soccer, basketball and others were not checked. But she just told me that I can perform softball because I could still perform walking, running, jumping, calisthenics and other stuffs checked. She even said that my physician, the University Physician is dumb. "Butol man ni nga doctor", she said. She said I can still do softballing because the instruction just indicated about the activities which the student may participate in. She said, "may ra man so pwede ra na."

In my own opinion she is very wrong about the may thing. The activities that had been checked were ONLY those which I may participate, the rest which are unchecked means of those activities which I am not to participate. Although, the word is may and not  can, it is too broad to say that it is just a matter of might and may.


P.S. I mentioned no names except for "aliases." I just wonder what the reaction might be if the University Physician would know that the "dean" just mocked her. For now, I'm still not sure if would be accommodated to the PE section I wanted. It seemed that there are still other teachers who will mock me. ONE thing: You (yes you, "the dean"), You made my day B-A-D.

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