Tuesday, November 2, 2010

XXIX: The End of the Hassle in a Hustle

XXIX. That is the Roman Numeral for the number 29. That is also the number which I got for the "Encoding" process [which I accomplished last week] and the same number again for the "Final Checking" process in our enrollment.

XXIX: 29

If  you're a Sillimanian, I doubt if you would really know or understand what on earth I am typing. If we're of the same college, then you must know what were those things.

Those processes above were just some of the so very too much napaka baling samuka [my dialect which kind of means "irritating"] steps for the enrollment in our college. If you are studying at Silliman, whatever the course you are taking, you would not expect for the College of Engineering and Design to be as particular and as hassle as what I am talking.

Too bad, what I just typed were true. Actually, I was just enrolled [like just some 8 hours ago, a week after the real enrollment week]. As what I've said in my earlier posts, I was very busy with some of my medical stuffs that the only day I was able to have time for the enrollment was last Friday, exactly the supposed-to-be-last day of enrollment [Thank God they made an extension].

It was really a hassle in a hustle, a riot, an experience which I don't if I should laugh or be disappointed. There was a stampede [thank you God again for letting me be in no harm]. It was like a market, the kind of market which someone won't find some peace and quiet time.  All those riot stuffs happened for the sake of getting a number. These numbers were supposed to be instruments for a more systematic and orderly enrollment process. Unfortunately it caused a chaos. Just luckily [and sometimes not], a teacher reprimanded us [though I still think shout is the right word] of what a riot we were. And so there was order, somewhat.

I hate to end this post right away without telling the whole story as well as I hate telling the whole story again [it should take me some time again to think of the words to right]. Just that this number 29 is the same number I got for the two different steps. No, it's not really strange. After all, it does not really have a significance. Well, it does, at least for a blog post title.

Anyway, while I was at school i was thinking of what I could post. I was really thinking of an ambigram. This XXIX is the only thing that keeps on appearing on my mind. It even took me a long time to realize that XXIX is in fact a natural ambigram in totem form or in a bilateral form written vertically. That way I didn't have to sketch and think too much. That way I didn't have to put much effort in doing this in the computer. That way I have a title for this post. :D

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