Friday, November 26, 2010


I really had a bad day. Thank God, it did not really hunt me 'til this night.
Just last morning I was so excited to go to the university. It's the start of the Intramural Games 2010 in our university. But that does not really mean that I woke up so early or earlier than my usual wake up time when there are no classes.
Anyway, I was so excited that I went to the university a day prior to the official start of the intramurals. Of course I did not go there by chance. I had to check the schedule of the games, especially on the Lawn Tennis Women. And no, I have no thing for the players; I've no idea who they were. I registered myself to be part of the Food Committee and yeah nakasulod ko, with high hopes it would be of less burden than watching 5 games per day. If you are enrolled in the SU College of Engineering and Design and if you are not, by any means, part of the Intramural Games, then you are assigned to watch 5 games [participated of course, by the engineering people] for a day -- that is, 25 games all in all for 5 days. To be exempted from the five-games-per-day burden, you either have to be an ESG [Engineering Student Gov't] officer, an athlete, a member of the Patrol or Food Committees or you have a medical certificate that you have been admitted to the hospital for a certain illness. Of the four reasons, I only have one chance and that is to be part of the Food Com. And so I became part of it and have been assigned in the event of Lawn Tennis (Women).
That’s the reason why I came to the gym to check the schedule. Unfortunately, I saw no schedule, no time, no dates, no venue, and alas no teacher to ask for about those stuffs. The only things I found were the diagrams of the order of the games. I forgot what it should be named. I just knew it because I learned how to make one in high school. The diagrams were of double elimination. Because that is the only somewhat useful piece of information that I found and so that my journey would not turn fruitless, I copied it. I was quite confused that the Game 1 is SBE vs. CED but Game 3 is that of NRSG vs. COE. Ooh that was pretty puzzling. I know for sure that SBE is School of Basic Education, the “high schoolers” and NRSG means Nursing when in fact it should have been SUCN (SU College of Nursing) so as to make it parallel. What bewildered me are their opponents – CED and COE. Okay, so CED is probably College of EDucation or College of Engineering and Design but COE could also be College of Education or College of Engineering as most people forget the “and design” thing.
So as to be sure, I kind of went early. By early, I meant it to be earlier than the typical start of the first game. I went there like 8:20 AM-ish [redundant much? Haha] because the Opening Program is at 8 am. My question was finally answered. The first game of our college is the Lawn Tennis (W) at 9 am which is much to my disappointment. And more to my disappointment, my co-members of the Lawn Tennis (W) Food Com were not present so as the Patrol Com. If they are present; I swear I have not seen them. Worse, the food that we(?) are about to bring to the players are still not there. The drinks arrived at about 9am and the food? No news about it. So I waited [I have to] for another couple of minutes which still bore no fruit. Finally, they had decided to give us the drinks [and drinks alone] and luckily my friends were there to help me. But, that was like 9:30 AM which in my opinion is like the end of the game. I have no idea with lawn tennis things.
Unluckily, the court where we headed and we thought the venue is, is not the court where the game is supposed to be held. It is in another court, a place which is very far from where I am at that time. Because I am dumb enough I decided to go there and my friends [who are also Food Com members] had to leave me because they’re needed. I really thought that it was near. Well, it actually with the fact that I knew a short cut. I arrived there just to discover that I had another fruitless labor. The folks in there told me that no game had ever started on that venue. I just sighed, “WOW! I brought all these 5 Gatorades in my bag heavy they may be and yet still have to end in a meaningless walk.”
I informed one of the Food Com Chairs about what happened and so all I have to do is go back in my college again and return the drinks. And so I did walk the same path again. It’s just a good thing that my mom who has some business to do in the city, passed by me to fetch me. Just in time to save the day. I hope this won’t happen again. I’ll try to be back tomorrow with hopes that I will not have a meaningless journey. That was totally fruitless, or should I say, foodless (because the Food Com just received from the officers drinks and no food a all!) although I think there is no such word.
NOTE: At home and from my mom did I only realize that distance between the two venues I ventured is like a kilometer. That would make 2 kilometers for having me to journey the way back. Wow! I think I lost a pound or so when fact I shouldn’t have.

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