Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Souls' Day

Almost similar to my previous post about All Saints' Day. Same story. Just posting the pic probably for people like me who are confuse with the date All Souls' Day, whether it was on the first or the second of November. This one, though, is kind of an ambigram. I just don't know what kind/type it is. It's probably like a perceptual shift ambigram that is supposed to read the word in the middle as "Souls'" or "Nov.2 [with the presence of unnecessary 's']". It depends upon your perception.

All Souls' Day

This is all that I kind think to make an ambigram using only simple typefaces [in here I used Baby Kruffy and Anagram typefaces]. I still have to figure out how to develop my ambigrams with the Old English typeface using the computer. Albeit I know how to make ambigrams with the Old English typeface [or whatever it is called], I'm only stuck to sketching them like just in pen and paper not in the computer. Anyway, here's the original one. I used a different font color for the Nov.2 for emphasis.

All Souls' Day [again]

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