Monday, November 1, 2010

All Saints' Day

Not the typical post I make. I'm just posting this pic below. Probably, that pic is only for people like me who always get confused with All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day when it comes to dates. Now, I think this pic will remind me that All Saints' Day is on November 1 not on the second.

All Saint's Day

 If you would notice I had "ambigram" in one of the labels and you may wonder why I did so. To curious people, NO, it's not an ambigram and to the pros, YES, it's not an ambigram. haha..It's just that I was planning to make an ambigram for this but couldn't think of any.

All Saints' Day (again)

And oh, by the way, that's the original pic. The first pic just had the colors inverted. I don't know which looks better and which is worse so I posted the two anyway. Just a simple graphic art with the use of "1" in letters "L" and "I" to signify Nov.1. BTW, the typeface I used was "Baby Kruffy". You can download the typeface (I think) in the net if you want.

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