Monday, October 25, 2010

When Sembreak Ends

Hay! Our 3-week semestral break seems too short. That is the usual feeling when just after few hours (just like now) and poof...sembreak's end. Well, after all tomorrow is not yet the exact beginning of the second semester. We still have a week or so. But that really is not the case for tomorrow is the registration week or the enrollment week. And alas, falling on long lines again and long process of enrollment.

Even if I would be the earliest bird tomorrow or we would have the enough money for the down payment or the process would be so in a jiffy, there is still no assurance that I'd be enrolled already. Of my 8 subjects in the prev sem, only 2 of them have grades already. The good news is that I both passed in these 2 subjects. The bad news is that I still don't know what is my grade in the subject where I feel like I flunked. Worse is if I really flunked with that subject then it would seem like I didn't take a summer class.

Also, I have another problem and that is my PE subject both the one in 1st sem and the upcoming. With the 1st I'm thrilled because maybe I'd get an INC. With the upcoming one, same story but what's making thrilled is the fact that my PE is softball. In my part, its kind of okay. With my mom, it's a NO-NO because of the danger stuffs and all. I still have to get a med certificate to certify my slight scoliosis so that I'll get the approp PE.

This sure is one long post. haha. After all, I've been out of the blogosphere for a long time. For now, I'll try to keep on writing even if my posts are kind of senseless.

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