Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Like a Freshman

Waaah! Just as the title says, it almost seemed like I came back as a freshman college student entering the university.

That is all because of the fact that I just had a chest x-ray yesterday and a CBC blood test awhile ago. When I was still an incoming college student in the university, I had a chest x-ray, blood test and dental check up as required by our university for the physical examination.

Now, it's like I'm in the same scenario. Dental check up nalang ag kulang, mura najud kog first year. haha. 

This post will be short because I'm still inviting my folks to vote for my cousin. Anyways, I just contributed 25 people to like that page (which is the way of voting), still far from number of votes to the one with most votes.

BTW, I'm still not enrolled and I super hate it because we still didn't have grades in our major (which I'm still worried and paranoid of). I think I'll end up in that PE again and not the one I wanted. :[

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