Saturday, August 14, 2010

Midterm Week

Finally, I've made a post after a long week (Wait! The week hasn't ended yet). Though, it's still Saturday I still felt that I've had enough of a long week of midterm examinations. Midterm examinations are simply examinations mostly in the college or maybe only in college which put to a test or tests the learning of a college student with the first half of the semester. As for me, they really tested me, both figuratively and literally.

Last boring Wednesday evening, even though I should I not be bored because I've got loads of stuffs to study, I've come up to make this very simple ambigram. I was thinking of what I would post for this week and this is what it I thought. Well, it's very simple that when I saw that word, I immediately had an idea of what ambigram to make because it is almost an ambigram itself even though it hasn't been "ambigrammed" (there is no such word unless I put in at but of course not all entries in that site are words blablabla) or it has been "ambigrammed" already without our knowing. Whatever it is, I should end this lengthy intro to show what I'm referring to.

MIDTERM. Mirror Ambigram

Very simple. Even other ambigrammists can do this in their simple. However, I did this and ended having no much sleep. I'm still adjusting with Adobe Photoshop because it's a little bit of tiring to sketch an ambigram manually or just hand-drawn, scanning it and editing it so I can upload it and I'm so noob (amateur, novice, or neophyte; a term mostly used in gaming although I'm not really into that) with it (both with editing it from and making it) so I used Paint instead.

If I am making this manually, it'd be a burden for me to make mirror ambigrams because they're a bit confusing but with the aid of technology, it's fun (only if you knew how to do it) because you only have to make the other side then mirror copy it or flip it so becomes its exact reflection of the other side.

In this ambigram, M is very perfect for horizontal (or probably vertical, I forgot which is which) mirror ambigram and so is T. The D in here looks a little bit like a number 3 and the R in here is also like letter I but of course, if you're like me or you're me, you would read it the way I wanted you to read it.

P.S. Whoever reads this, pardon for the rampant presence of unnecessary stuffs (e.g. parenthesis, descriptions, like-this stuffs).

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