Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm back just like what the title says. Either college life had been so cruel to me I had been to cruel to not think of such time to make a post in my blog. Well, even though nobody reads this blog but me I'll try to make posts as long I'd have that time.

For this instance, I'm posting one my worst ambigrams (or probably not an ambigram at all). I actually planned to post this exactly on my birthday but of course, I found no time of doing so and found no time making and even thinking of how to do this. If you notice,it's nothing of some remarkable sort. I can blame nobody except myself for not being able to think of any idea how to "ambigrammized" (there was no such word) the two words and for being so ignorant of editing stuffs.

It supposed to be read as two separate ideas: birth date and birthday. I posted this because there are some people who get confused with the two as one idea. The phrase "birth date" is simply "the month, day and year" (i.e. July 10, 1992) on which a creature is born. "Birthday" on the other hand is just simply "the month and the day" (July 10), which makes it the anniversary or the birth date.

I know that many scholars would easily know their differences and only few are puzzled with this but I can't think of any fitting post anyway.

Also, I'm planning to change my blog's name because it seems a corny one. I hope God will provide me the idea of a better name.

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