Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It took me some hell of a month or so to post again. Perhaps I was just a little bit of busy or acting to be (haha). Yeah, of course, I have been busy (until now). Busy with school stuffs, and fb apps and whatnot.

*fb means facebook (for those who don't know)

as if somebody's reading this..hehe

Finally, I made a post. Sadly, I have not been able to post those that I am supposed to do so. In fact, this blog is supposed to be like an online journal (take note that not all blogs are journals), like a blow-by-blow account of my life. I was actually expecting that this'd be more productive than a written journal. Fact is that I'm such a sloth to write that I thought getting online is better. Fact is that what a lazy guy am I that getting techie has led me to games aside from this. oh that's so crap!

I've been away much that I think I've got to recall. It's so great that I still got a QPA (quality point average) which my scholarship requires me. Although I did not really aim for a Class award, I'm still quite sad about it. Class Award requires a QPA* of 3.25 wherein mine just seems to be hanging. It's like 3.2454545... the matter is I don't really think that they'd round that off to 3.25 But I still find that funny because it's not official, i think..haha

*QPA is the term for our college grade for all the subs taken per sem

Anyways, these are my plans (that's surprisingly; I'm not used with plans)
1. TKE (The Kristian Enigma) as an Online Journal (as detailed above)

2. ambigrams- this actually is my inspiration for pursuing this damm*t blog inspired by nagfa's ambigram blog. I have actually made few ambigrams but to post them? like a kind of shame to the net world. I'm still planning to edit them. Thanks to Picnik, I made it without Adobe Photoshop. Actually, we had Adobe Photoshop already but it's not installed in the family pc which I'm using; it's in my sis' laptop (who actually don't know how to use it..haha..for now).

3. Poems- I've actually been writing poems but shame and shyness block my plans to pursue posting them. Another is that I feared some too lazy folks would steal them as I didn't had them in copyright. there's something that happened in my high school years that built that trauma.

4. differences- this is something i really like. Example above are the words shame and shyness. I think, I repeat, I just think they are not the same. I'm gonna post about some stuffs like that and all.

5. trivia and facts- becoz i love researching (a bit), i'm planning to post some interesting facts

Oh Lord, I just hope I'd be able to post them.

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