Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alaw Ina Magnat - the Cursed SMS

The said Cursed text message goes by this, as what I've received:

MAY 10, 1976, nsgasaan ang 1 mtndng bbae pero tinkbuhan ng nksgsa.Bgo nmtay ang mtnda tinuran nia ito, “alaw ina magnat”, 1ng itim n dsal.S lht ng nkbsa ni2 mgppktng mtnda ng 3x ng mdling araw!Ta2bi sau,duguan,humihini ng 2long!Nngyari i2 ky MARKY CIELO ng STARSTRUCK dhil d nia naipsa sa 17tao nmty xa arw n dec.7,2008,11:15 d sya ngicng.Sori kilngn q ipsa kc ay0n sa rsearch 220 i2!Niplabas na ito s NGINIG..

For the sake of other people, I’ll interpret it in English. It says that there was once an old woman who was bumped by a vehicle but the one who dunnit fled. But, before she died, she uttered these words, “alaw ina magnat”, an incantation of some dark spell. Everybody who have read this message will be visited by this old woman 3x at dawn’s time, will sit/sleep beside you, covered with blood, begging foe help. This is what happened to Marky Cielo of Starstruck because he failed to pass this to 17 people, who was killed last dec7, 2008, 11:15, haven’t waken up. Sorry, I just have to pass this because according to a research, this is true. This has been aired in NGINIG..*

woah! When I first received this message, it scared the hell of me. Hmmm.. Maybe I was freshman high school at that time and unfortunately (at that time bcoz it’s creepy), I’ve got no load. So what I did is just wait for the time that I’ll meet my sad fate if ever that was freakin’ true. And yeah you’re right, I haven’t met her, of course. How could I create posts if I’m dead?
When I received this again, about lunch time (12pm or so), I was so pissed I received and especially because I’m not unlimited with my txt messages. Also, it’s because I’ve got to hurry because I’ll be having a class at 1pm. But then, when I read it again after my class, I became interested with the incantation. At first, I thought it was of Latin language but just a simple one that has nothing to do with spells. From what I’ve known magna is major or mother. But, the alaw is just so queer. It doesn’t seem to be Latin (mostly used in spells) or even Greek or Hebrew nor Egyptian. With this mind, I found my help from the net. It’s actually an anagram* and a semordnilap* of a Tagalog phrase. It’s better off if you delete the spaces. It’d be alawinamagnat which when read backwards is tangamaniwala. It’d become tanga maniwala which in Tagalog language means “believers are idiots/stubborn/stupid and etc.”
Here are some errors the crap made: 
dawn - If you’ve noticed, the word ‘dawn’ was underlined. Notice the time of the alleged death; it’s 11:15, how could that be dawn or madaling araw? oh c'mon!
Marky Cielo- actually, his cause of death had never been revealed and so is the exact time (which I still find is quite strange and which I shall not reveal my speculation). So, this is really a fraud. Those figures were just making you think it’s real.
By the way, I’d like to comment that this mess has a bunch of wrong "grammar" even if it’s Tagalog. Don’t try fooling people with wrong tenses. Haha…another is that i can't put a source wid my info; they're many ( i opened a lot of sites to know this). 
and BTW,
*NGINIG is a title of a tv show in Philippines aired in ABS-CBN. It’s about ghost and other creepy stories which are alleged to be true or based on real-life experience.
*anagram- it’s somewhat a combi of letters. I’m not good at explaining at all. An example is this: “egos” is an anagram of the word “goes”.
*semordnilap- I got this from the wiki, I think. Example (which is actually the origin): “semidornilap” is a semidornilap of the word “palindromes”
By the way, I'm not saying I'm perfect at grammar...haha...

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Suhnwa Han said...

Kala ko totoo na kekeke tanga pala ako!

Unknown said...

(Bitch face) sabi ko na nga ba ehh nung bunasa ko backwards tangam ani wala yung lumabas pero nagmakesure ako hahahaha so brilliant

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