Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Aarrggh! And Again, I'm in the flunking mode. I know I've got to be optimistic but this one's always in me.

And guess what? For every subject, there's a problem. i felt like my days were condemned.

I lost something that is badly needed especially during exams. Another is that I haven't memorized a speech to be presented on 15, Tuesday and haven't revised it yet (if there's still time).

Another bad news: we'll be having exams on Monday and not just one but two, two consecutive subjects. Math 11 Math 13. "College Algebra" and "Plane and Spherical Trigonometry" respectively. A great brain exercise after our PE 11 class at 7-8AM.

There really is no easy thing.

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roj said...

Where do you go to school, Kristian? :)

It's nice to know that you are a hardworking student, and you have a scholarship! :)

Stay that way, kiddo! :)

Kristian G. said...

Thanks. Sorry didn't notice that someone commented on my post.hehe. I haven't checked my blog for a time.

And oh by the way, yeah, I have a scholarship but that was just until last year. I haven't reached the cut-off for the scholarship.

Kristian G. said...

Thanks for the comment. I didn't know that someone aside for me could be reading my posts. I'm still a noob in blogging; I did not know about the Comments button in my dashboard.haha. I could've not known if not for the reason that I click it by mistake.

roj said...

that's okay :)
at least, you had an opportunity to be a scholar :D

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