Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Choices to Success

Last Tuesday, there was a Special Academic Convocation at Luce Auditorium (which is in our university). Thinking that we were required, I came there. (until now, I'm not sure if we were really required in our NSTP-CWTS).

Normally ( got it), lectures always lull me (haha..); most seem to be boring that we always hope that the Iintermission numbers would be sooner. But, this one's different, really different. It was really fun. the speaker was none other than Francis J. Kong.

At first, his alien to some of us. If you're a business tycoon, you should know this guy. In my case, I'm not (haha). Whatever that is, his lecture was unlike the typical discussion-type ones that are worth to be yawned at.

His words were really inspiring and moving. Glad to meet people like him; they are those that keep me on striving with this hard life.

Another is that usually, I've no plans nor specific goals. But now, I think I have.

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