Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(this is my ever first post, ain't it obvious?)

obviously, this is an introduction to myself..
*pretty strange i made a post in a seemingly ungodly time..

i'm a Sibulanon, a Negrense

i am a SEMI-absolute bookworm
(take note:semi lng..
i'm not into textboooks ha..haha)

when i get bored, i sometimes become a "couch potato"

that's when
i read pocketbooks,
watch tv,
tuon2x kunuhay (natulog na diay to..haha)

i love to discover new things
i surf the net

i am not really a person of "facts and figures"
nor "fiction and fantasies"

i'm interested with some bits of information but mostly only the trivial ones

i am a great puzzle lover
may it be:
word search
anagrams and word plays
(too bad i suck at 3D's..)

i am a person who loves art though i'm not a good artist..haha..
but really, i appreciate art
(only for my eyes not mah hands

science is where i suck worst
but some of it is in my curiosity

mystery stuffs really attract me

music had always been my passion
d lang ko songer..
i'm more with the lyrics..

people i like?
hmmm..i don't have standards..
i just like 'em bcoz i like 'em..

those i hate.?
i always have..
-i get the creeps with boastful people AKA "feeler".
especially those who can't prove their pride..
-i dislike those that are "feeling know-it-all"
-it gets me disappointed to those who never look at the coin's 2 sides
-i hate totally snobbish pipz ug kanang mga hambug na kaayu na di managad

i'm not always a good person though i appear to be..
sadly,i'm a bit of snobbish pero mutagd pud bia ko
but ironically, i am loud when you and i become friends..

people see me as a "mysterious guy"
but actually, i'm not really into that
i just enjoy silence but not always
i am humorous but i'm not loud with my heart..

and oh, BTW..
i am VERY NOSY guy..
and bcoz i do not focus only on one side of the figure, i'm so inquisitive..haha..
so pagbantay mu ana..

i am not someone who's best at planning and preparing..
i suck at those stuffs..
i just go with the flow..

i am a man full of irony and sarcasm;
my phobias counter-attack my interests and personality
my words do not always speak with my mind

i am a man who say few words yet speak a lot of words

i may not always hear the echos of other people
but i could listen to their voices

i maybe weird but not the resident dork
i maybe a crazy geek but i'm not an absolute nerd

i am someone who always changes
but i'm not a shape-shifter
sometimes i just take the shape of my molder

i am kristian
i am what i am..
i am what i had been..
i am what i will be..

P.S. ayaw na mog bark..
ag mu ek,suya..

*there is reason behind why i posted this on such date..
so, can you guess it.? i bet you can..

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roj said...

hey, that's fine dude. :)
everyone has a personality that may seem the partially the same to others, yet totally different when seen in general. :)

just be who you are.
God bless ^_^

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