Thursday, August 20, 2009

Think About It: The Yellow and the Violet

Whew! What a week (though it's not yet the end of the week)!

Yellow and Purple (a shade of violet) – those were the colors I wore last Tuesday and today, respectively.

Those were the colors I wore on days I was having my Math Midterm Examinations (Math 13, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry last Tuesday and Math 11, College Algebra a while ago).

Those were the colors that seemed to be part of the Common Colors or Colors of the Day in our class.

Those were the colors I felt was fit for those days not until the tests came.

It was ONLY because of a simple stupid reason. It was by chance or seemingly by chance that last Tuesday when I was wearing a yellow shirt, our Math 13 teacher was also wearing a shirt with a brighter shade of yellow (maybe lemon yellow). The fact is that the exam turned out to be difficult for me to answer.

And guess what, it seemed a cycle. A while ago, I was wearing purple (a shade of violet) and our Math 11 teacher was also clad in a shade of violet (probably amethyst or lavender). And another, the exam turned out to be hard, too!

Despite all of those sad moments, it made me learned a lesson: to study, study and study whether after the lesson discussion or days before examination. But, I don’t really think it’ll work out like that. After all, I’m too easygoing with the thought that it won’t be that hurting if you’ll have low scores when you have not studied madly. Pretty right, ayt?

So, were those events of purely coincidence or of unfortunate accidence or maybe, a lesson of negligence? Think about it.

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