Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Official Header!!!

I call it 'official' because the first header i made was lame..haha..
That doesn't really matter at all. After all this new one is not that amazing. It's just that the first one is lamer (I don't think my vocabulary is right..hehe) than this one..

So here it is:

probably you got puzzled after seeing that image..
That is, by the way, an ambigram, a design (usually a word or a phrase) that may be read as the same word or phrase (or sometimes two different words or phrases) when oriented in two different ways (i.e.rotated through 180 degrees, reflected vertically, or horizontally..)

There are different types of ambigrams (i.e. rotational, mirror-image, figure-ground, containment, etc). So far as I had known and searched in the net, there are approximately 15 of them.

In this case, it is a mirror ambigram.
Actually, i intended for it to have a 'subtitle' to give a hint.

So, what does "let the mirror reflect mean"..?

I've given a lot of clues ayt.? so, did u have it right.?

2 investigated:

nagfa said...

Hi, Kristian.

Nice header. Pretty awesome.

'Sibulanon'. Are you a Pinoy? From Sibu? 'Lanun' / 'Lanon' means 'pirate' in the Malay language. Malay and Tagalog does share many (root) words.


kristian said...

thanks, nagfa..

hehe..I think it's not. I hope I could do ambigrams like you guys do.

yep. I'm Pinoy. Howdid you know? Sibulan seems not that famous to be known. Wow! I learned a new word. I love new words especially foreign ones.

Not suprisingly, Malays and Filipino (the people in Philippines, in general)people would have commonalities; Malays were one of Philippines' first inhabitants.


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